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Redstacks - Revival of the Fittest


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01 – Overture 1848
02 – Oceans
03 – Jealousy
04 – Dreamworld Junkie
05 – Mercy
06 – Cold
07 – Mind’s Eye
08 – Dystopia Now
09 – Money
10 – Vortex
11 – Angels in Crime


Keyboards, Hammond – Jeffrey Revet
Guitars – Jouke Westerhof
Bass – Rob van der Loo
Drums – Tim Beudel

Lead Vocals:
Jan Willem Ketelaers
Laura Guldemond
Paul Adrian Villarreal
Martin van der Starre
Nick Holleman
Timothy Drake
Thomas Meeuwis

Pure Steel Records is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the debut album from Dutch Classic / Hard Rockers REDSTACKS. The album title will be “Revival of the Fittest”, the release is scheduled for January 28th, 2022.

The band was founded by masterminds and songwriters Jeffrey Revet and Jouke Westerhof in 2018. The upcoming debut album will feature many international top-class vocalists, such as Laura Guldemond from Burning Witches, Jan Willem Ketelaers from Ayreon and lots of others.

Rock nostalgia; cranked amplifiers, virtuosic keyboards, thumping drums and acrobatic vocals. REDSTACKS founders Jeffrey Revet and Jouke Westerhof, though born in the late 80’s, might as well have been alive in the early 70’s. Drawing their musical inspiration from all era’s, they’re able to incorporate their learnings into a fun, energetic homage to the rock ‘n roll greats of yesteryear.


released January 21, 2022

Revival Of The Fittest | REDSTACKS | PURE STEEL RECORDS GmbH (bandcamp.com)

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