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Cats In Space - Kickstart The Sun


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From FB:


Hi Cat fans, we are please to reveal a teaser for our brand new epic double album coming to you this Summer.

We have a lot to announce over the coming weeks and the action starts here, right now!

This FRIDAY we bring you details of the first single from the album.

So, stay tuned in and get those furry ears on, 2022 is going to be a hot one!

Greg, Steevi, Damien, Andy, Deano & Jeff



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First single 'Poke The Witch' out April 15.

From the band:


Yes, we are super excited to announce that our new single ‘POKE THE WITCH’ is coming to you this April 15th.

Despite its crazy title, ‘POKE THE WITCH’ is an uplifting song that reflects on events over the past two years, and also sees the band in ‘classic CAT form’ with their trademark sound firmly in place.

A video will accompany the release, which is the first from the band's new epic, deluxe double album ‘KICKSTART THE SUN’ and is set to be released in the Summer.

The single will be available in 7” RED MARBLE VINYL and all pre-orders come with a FREE promotional CD single.

*** PRE-ORDERS - 14th MARCH 9.00am GMT over on the WebStore ***

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On 2/18/2022 at 6:05 AM, AlphaMale said:

Let's hope half of it ain't covers. Lol

I'm OK with half covers.
Half 'reimagining' their old songs would be an issue though...

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Not their best song but good none the less...hope for better on the double disc for sure...really looking forward to the album

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It's not their best song ever, but it grows on you the more and more you play it. The new album is on top of my most looking forward to discs this year. I know the boys won't let us down.

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Last album took me a long time to get into, and when i did I loved it as usual.
I liked this song straight away though

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