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1994 - Choose your album


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27 minutes ago, auslander said:

You can change your pick if you want ūüėÜ

lol. Nah, way too much riding on this to change it up. For the record, though, I think I would change it to Tesla. 


47 minutes ago, Darkstone said:

I went with Queensryche.  

Gotthard would be my #2, but Frontline would be #3.

As you said, awesome songs and I didn't mind the vocals, but the production was horrendous. 

I still love it though.

I always struggled with his vocals, but Frontline were one of my absolute favourite bands. The first album is the only one I really take special note of his vocals. Never thought of it that way, but could possibly be production, and vocal production more specifically, that is my issue with it? Killer tunes though. 

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14 hours ago, auslander said:

Brave choice in this forum. But I respect that.

I won a contest on the radio in 1994 and got 3 free CD's and this was one of them.Never heard any of their music until I played this and it turned out to be a great release.

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Ugh!!   Alice Cooper 



I would have gone with off the top of my head

Kim Mitchell - Itch

Asia - Aria

Boston - Walk On

Clif Magness - Solo

Marillion - Brave

Cheap Trick - Woke Up With a Monster

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