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House Of Lords - Saints And Sinners


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From James Christian:

2022 and I’m nearly finished with the new House Of Lords CD
“Saints And Sinners”. 

I’m always thinking how to approach new music and where it’s gonna go.
This time around I worked tirelessly with Mark Mangold who is an amazing musician and songwriter! He is also a workaholic like myself. 
Jimi Bell is also writing and recording tracks.
The music on this CD is mystical, heavy, melodic, and intricate. Like no other we have done since the very 1st HOL Album.

Stay tuned for release date, EPK and music video to launch within the coming months, Thomas Ståhl Entertainment with be handling booking for a European tour and Asia

Looking forward to seeing you soon!!!

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House of Lords has disappointed me with their last few albums but I still am a big fan and will still pick this up.  I don't really think "mystical, heavy, melodic, and intricate" when I think of the first album - that sounds more like "Sahara" - but whatever.  Hopefully it really is heavy as that would be great.

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Hmmm as Tabe said the last few have disappointed,first three are gold along with World Upside Down...the rest are meh with some highlights here and there...we always hope for a return to form...so fingers still crossed this is :popcorn:

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I thought Jimi Bell left the band over some dispute? Or am I imagining things?

In any case, I disagree somewhat with the previous comments. I like pretty much everything they did from 2006-2017. It's just the last album that was disappointing -- mediocre songs and a really lousy production. It just seemed unfinished.

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