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Kandia - Quarternary (2022)

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Not your typical Frontiers fodder. Me likey.



Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of "Quaternary", the upcoming new album from Kandia, an alternative metal band from Portugal, on January 21, 2022.

“We are excited and very eager to work with Frontiers," says the band. "The label is passionate about music and we are proud to be part of the family. "Quaternary" definitely has our established identity, but we always like to experiment with new things. These hard times that we are going through gave us much inspiration, so this record is filled with different emotions.“

Kandia started in November 2007, founded by singer Nya Campos Cruz and guitarist André Da Cruz. They decided to name the band Kandia – to obfuscate, to blind by light – as they felt it would represent the positivity they wanted to radiate. Influenced by progressive rock bands such as A Perfect Circle, Tool and Pink Floyd, and metal giants like Metallica, Korn and Pantera, the band was able to find a unique sound joining all these influences in their songwriting. Musically, Kandia create a raw, melodic, straightforward sound that delivers positive messages while not leaving the aggressiveness out of the music.

Kandia has released two full length albums thus far, both produced by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema), and one EP. At the end of 2019, once again partnered with Cardoso to begin writing a new album. In May 2020, they released the song “4 Walls” as a taste of what's to come. Now, with "Quaternary", the band is prepared to continue their sonic journey and spread their music to global audiences.

Kandia is also one of the first bands signed through the Frontiers & Beyond initiative, which was launched by the label with the intent to sign bands who will be part of the next generation of hard rock and metal.


1. Anthropocene
2. Obliterate
3. The Flood
4. Fight Or Flight
5. Until The End
6. Turn Of The Tide
7. Pbp
8. Deathwish
9. Murderers Feat Jorgen Munkeby
10. A New Dawn
11. Holocene


Nya Cruz - Vocals
André Da Cruz - Guitars






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I don't really hear ANY Pink Floyd in that. But I do hear some Pantera with clean female vocals. The bass sound also reminds me a bit of Korn. Overall I hear most similarities are with Evanescence. It's OK though. Far better than most of the power or symphonic metal female fronted bands.

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