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Cobra Spell - Anthems of the Night


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Well if this new EP from the uber sexy Cobra Spell doesn't tickle you aurally and otherwise then I am unsure what can be done for you.

Some of you will recall the very nice EP from late 2020 entitled Love Venom and the new EP Antehms Of The Night doesn't miss a beat.

May be an image of 5 people and text that says 'ANTHEMS OF THE NIGHT'

PRE ORDER IT HERE: www.cobraspell.com

1. Addicted To The Night
2. Steal My Heart Away
3. The Midnight Hour
4. Accelerate

Label: Independent

Cover Artwork:
Photography by Ankie van Kasteren

Recorded in December 2021 at Comeback Studios in Madrid, Spain
Produced, mixed & mastered by Alejandro Gabasa Barcoj

- CD Jewel Case
- 1LP Vinyl Black
- 1LP Vinyl White
- 1LP Vinyl Pink/Black Splatter
- 1LP Vinyl Yellow/Black Splatter
- Digital Album - All major streaming platforms (PRE ORDER - TBA)

**More Limited Items to be Announced Soon**


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Definitely some sexiness in the band, physically. Unfortunately the terrible vocals, weak production and even weaker song writing is a bit of a turn off. :(

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Annoys me when bands do this. Promote a album/EP release then announce something like this a week later. They knew this was coming and kept quiet to make sure they got more sales.


From FB

With a very heavy heart we want to announce that Alexx Panza will be parting ways with COBRA SPELL. You may already saw it coming, since we have been performing with a different singer (Kristina Vega) on the latest shows. Alexx is an incredibly talented singer and a fantastic friend to us, and we love him terribly! He has been there since the beginning. Since COBRA SPELL recently became the main priority for the majority of the band, and Alexx can not commit to the current needs of the band, it is the best decision for both parties to split ways. We thank Alexx deeply for the amazing work he delivered in the band, being part of our 2 EP’s ‘Love Venom’ & ‘Anthems Of The Night’, and for being an awesome as hell falsetto singing maniac, delivering the best of vocal melodies!! 🔥⚡️
Alexx states; "Unfortunately, due to force majeure I can't continue being Cobra Spell singer.
I can't escape the fact that a day only has 24h and a week 7 days only, and having a daily job and being in two other bands doesn't leave me enough time that a band like Cobra Spell, with a tight schedule ahead, would deserve. I wish the best of luck to my mates in the Cobra Spell camp and to their new talented singer Kris.
Thanking all of you who supported me so far, I invite you to keep following me with my other bands "Jack Starr's Burning Starr", and my main band "HITTEN", where I'll keep channeling all my efforts to deliver you the best Hard'n'Heavy your fine ears deserves. And don't forget to ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP!"
It might seem clear already who will be our new singer, but we will make a separate special post for her! 🤩❤️🤘🔥
We all have huge dreams and aspirations therefor we need to stabilise the line-up with like-minded musicians and this is just for the very best! 🐍
Alexx will play his last show with us at Headbangers Open Air on the 27/07! ⚡️
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Starting to sound like Sonia is a bit of a tinpot dictator:

From the bands FB page:

We announce that we are parting ways with rhythm guitarist Esmée van Sinderen, and - mutually agreed with him - part ways with drummer Léonard Cakolli.
This decision was taken due to personal indifferences. Their vision does not align to the band’s and the speed rate that the band is evolving. Being part of a band that just started to grow very fast requires a certain amount of effort, time and sacrifice that not everyone can offer/give with their own priorities and job. Therefor we are obliged to take this decision for the well-being and workflow of the band.
We wish them the best in the personal projects and future endeavours and thank them deeply for being part of our epic journey so far! 🔥
🎶Very big opportunities are coming into our path, and this means COBRA SPELL needs to have a a strong and stable line-up for what is coming. As we mentioned, COBRA SPELL has just started taking off, and all of us in the band are giving 110% of our energy and input to bring this band to the next level. We all share this musical dream and we want to reach it all together. Therefor we are more than ready to bring stability in the band and find 2 new sisters that want to be part of our rocking crew! We are currently looking for a female rhythm guitarist and drummer that share the same passion and mentality to make it far. Are you the one?! Contact us here: cobraspell@gmail.com
**Our future activities and plans will not be affected and all the shows and appointments schedule will still run as announced:
We will be having the talented Anna Voloshyna as stand-in guitarist for the coming shows! Thank you so much, girl! 🤘❤️
Léonard will be on the road with us for the coming tour dates, this will be his last shows — so come to the show and let’s give a rocking farewell to Léo!💪
From Esmee's Instagram:
In the past few days I have received A LOT of messages from you asking why did I leave Cobra Spell. Well, the first thing I want to be very clear about is that I didn’t leave the band. I’ve been kicked out of it. I got blocked on every Cobra Spell’s social medias. That’s why I couldn’t tell my own story. So I will write it down here.

I live for music. I changed my whole life for it and gave everything to play in this band. We all did. To make Sonia’s dream come true. Everyone was working for her without getting any in return. I know that starting a band is really hard, and you should all do it together. But this also means writing the music together, taking decisions together… which we never did. I couldn’t choose the clothes I wanted to wear on stage, or the guitar shape I wanted to shred. It was all chosen by someone else. So at the end we were all session musicians which is fine, but we all worked for free. I really hate to talk about money, but if I’m not able to pay my rent at home because I’m working for free to make someone else's dream a reality, it is going too far for me.

I know these are some very harsh words, but the truth is sometimes very tough. And I am a very honest person. I just wanted to make these points clear, since the words on the Cobra Spell page are not mine. Music, cars and guitars will always be a very big part of my life. I loved playing in Cobra Spell, but it’s not healthy to be treated like this. I won’t share all of the details, I think it’s clear enough after 3 members left the band in one month.

I wish them best of luck.
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