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Does anyone use services like Spotify or Pandora or any others? What is your favorite? Ive been using Pandora Premium for a while now, but when using free Spotify Ive noticed that they seem to have a better catalog of songs and artists to choose from. But with my Military discount Pandora is $2.00 cheaper than Spotify thats why Ive been using it.

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we buy Spotify family so everyone gets their own account for like £3 per month.

Good value but I'm not convinced it's the best sound quality.  🤷 

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Spotify premium here.  Used to be a diehard anti-streamer but as CD players were removed from cars, just made sense to try streaming.

And have to say I quickly grew to love having so much music at my fingertips and the ability to easily make playlists on the fly.  I find myself listening more often and listening to more stuff.

I still buy a handful CD's per year but I really don't know why as I don't know the last time I listened to one.  I guess I just like the feeling that I still feel like I own some albums and supporting the artists.    

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  • My Little Pony

I use the Spotifies, because a buddy has the family plan and threw me on it.

Spotify sucks! So many albums from the bands we love aren't on there. And their algorithm for suggesting new music is terrible. At least for me it is. Spotify has no idea what I like to listen to. 

Convenience is the only draw I can see. 

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I have tried Spotify twice but can't really get into it. I agree their algorithm is not that great, they seem to "suggest" the same old stuff over and over. I also don't see any logic in paying $11.00 a month to listen to songs or albums I already own. And I own somewhere between 700 and 750 albums. Also Spotify's function for playing local files needs a lot of work, as does their playlisting. I made playlists and no matter what I tried could never get the bands listed in alphabetical order. I think it is very strange that Spotify costs as much as it does yet it has no native equalizer or tone controls. When I used Spotify I had to play it in their web player and run it through an equalizer app in Chrome to get decent sound out of it.

I recently went back to Itunes to play my mp3 library and preview songs I may run across here or other music sites or on Youtube. Media Monkey has a good clean sound for local files too, I use it more than Itunes. I also use mp3million to preview and buy music I like. I just don't see the need for Spotify when there are other free options available to hear the same song. I keep a $5.00 subscription for Pandora and Iheart to listen to when I am at work or in my car, or else I have a flash drive or Samsung Music on my phone to play some albums in the car. The only real advantage I ever saw with Spotify was they were always first to have new albums available when they got released.


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    • I must say this is easily one, if not my favorite thread. Got to love these 1 offs and oddities. Wish I cold have them all. Once I get my collection out of jail I may copy you and do a PNW version as sharing is caring.   Thanks for the efforts in this thread Russ much appreciated.
    • I adore those first 2 Kix records honestly, their discography is almost in order of favorites, literally with Midnight at 3 and Blow at 4, Hotwire 5 (but could bundle with Show business, but those first 4, minus Don't Close Your Eyes (that one never did much for me, OK song, but quite skippable) are quintessential. 
    • As much as I love Kix, their first 2 albums are not great. And "In God We Trust" was TRASH.
    • Kix (duh). S/T, Cool Kids, Midnight Dynamite, Blow My Fuse, Hotwire. They really can do no wrong. Kings X (double duh). Into the Silent Planet, Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, Faith, Hope, Love, Self Titled, DogMan, Ear Candy, etc... Enuff Z Nuff has at least 10 albums of worthy material, starting with the S/T, then Animals w/Human Intelligent, easily to and through 10, but easily could include Welcome To Blue Island and album 12 ? (question mark). Stryper. Yellow and Black Attack, Soldiers Under Command, To Hell W/the Devil, In God We Trust, and the EPIC Against The Law. Butch Walker/Floyds Funk Revival/Marvelous 3. Sure its a blend of names but mostly the same guys and from Creamy, to the 3 Marvie records to Butch's Left of Self Centered is a good run, and you could include the 2 Southgang records as that's still Butch, Jay and Slug and depending on how much appreciation you have for Butch you can go to present as he is brilliant.   I also think Metal Church, The Dwarves, Warrior Soul and Nelson fit the bill as well.   I am sure there are many more.
    • Oh wow, that song is awful.  
    • The Carpenters never bugged me but... A few years ago, my wife and I went to see Bill Medley in concert.  Well, actually, we went to see Christopher Cross but Medley was the opening act.  Anyway I digress... Medley performed "I've Had the Time of My Life" as you might expect.  And it was wonderful.  Except...the female duet parts were sung by his daughter.  THAT was a bit creepy.   FWIW, Medley was incredible.  Puts on a wonderful show and sounds amazing.  Then again, so was Christopher Cross.  All in all, a tremendous concert.
    • That version........well, let's just say it's not good.
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