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The Loyal Cheaters - "Long Run... All Dead!"


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Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante 4 persone e il seguente testo "THE LOYAL CHEATERS AUNHA Long Run... All Dead! Run"
The Loyal Cheaters LP\CD "Long Run... All Dead!" debut album will be released worldwide February 18th, 2022 on Dead Beat Records: www.dead-beat-records.com. The vinyl version will include a limited colored vinyl variant along with black vinyl; and the CD version includes a tri-gatefold CD digipack.
The album features 10 high-energy rock’n’roll tracks recorded in 2020 at Woodoo Sound Labs Studio. The name of the album “Long Run…All Dead!” is a motto and a lifestyle for the band members: actions and decisions have to be taken now, because life can go into a completely unexpected direction tomorrow - and you may lose the ride. This concept represents something that is relevant to this generation: to be present and to be fully alive.
The Loyal Cheaters released in December 2020 their debut single “Surrender”, a tribute to Cheap Trick, one of their greatest influences. 
The new single, "No Saturday Nites", will be launched with an official video on February 4 (pre-save link here).
01. Winners Never Compromise
02. The Devil Side
03. Me Myself & I
04. Big Time Outlaw
05. Lock Up Your Daughters
06. No Saturday Nites
07. Money And Shame
08. Drama Queen
09. Surrender
10. (Why Should I) Share My Wine
Potrebbe essere un'immagine raffigurante 4 persone e il seguente testo "THE LOYAL CHEATERS"
Lena McFrison: Vocals, guitar 
Max Colliva: Guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Manni: Bass, backing vocals
Richie Raggini: Drums
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First single "No Saturday Nites” is out today on all major digital platforms. 
The band states: “This song is dedicated to all sleazy nostalgic rockers that feel like there ain’t no crazy parties with good music and right people anymore. Fun fact is that even though our guitar player Max wrote the song already some years ago, when he made us listen to it we all were so astonished that the lyrics were still perfectly relatable to these days. We all agreed this song had a long story to tell. Given this endless loop of rock clubs shutting down and fewer and fewer places for underground aggregation, the videoclip wants to bring to your memories all awkward moments of live music in small clubs, where a live band playing might find a wildlife ranch of suburban creatures sometimes not really interested in music but more on just being “there” because that’s the cool place to be”.
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    • My CD arrived. Gotta say it is one of the cheapest, shittiest packaging of a cd I have seen. It is just a double panel with a disk (no tray). No booklet, no lyrics, very little info. printed. Terrible artwork (as you can see above). Glad I only paid $17 as it isn't worth more than that presentation wise. Musically I have only listened once so far so will reserve judgement until then. Note - Jack Jones only played on one track, the lead single. But he is touring with the band.
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    • Brilliant tune... reminds me of prime MSG, to be honest. Maybe a slight 'Anytime' vibe? But a magnificent song.  But the song I've had in my head all week is '100 thousand years.' Man I love that one. I rated this album fairly earlier in the year, but with a bit of a jumbled year of listening I haven't concentrated too much on albums this year. Listening to everything now, and I have to say that this album stood out as one I maybe did not give it's due credit. Those two songs are excellent, and I also like 'Get Away' and 'Crash & Burn' of the rest. Some nice gear on here. 
    • Exactly. Same goes for Sunstorm.
    • They're solid and consistent... just missing a bit of something to make them stand out for me, personally. The album is solid, like their other stuff. 
    • ADV wrote most of the debut. but that was before he burned himself out writing another 4000 songs of course the main problem is it isn't Revolution Saints. If you still want to showcase DC pick some more band members and call it something else but don't pretend its Rev Saints anymore. 
    • I don't have as much disdain for Del Vecchio as some do, but I can't help but feel like this sounds very... generic in an ADV kind of way? It's not that it's a bad song by any means, it's just that I've only listened to it once, but it feels like I've heard it about 300 times because it sounds like so many other songs Del Vecchio has produced. Secondly, since they've outright admitted that Revolution Saints was meant as a vehicle to showcase Castronovo, without Jack Blades and Doug Aldrich, I'm a little puzzled as to why they didn't just make a Deen Castronovo solo record instead. Surely at this point, anyone familiar with Frontiers, melodic rock music and especially Revolution Saints knows who he is.
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