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Pretty good hard rock coming out from north eastern region of India, vocalist reminds me of the band Steelheart. Each track stands out true to its creation. Must say these guys are heavily influenced by the big american sound also with hints of scandinavian melodies here and there. I will rate this somewhere in the early 80's out of 100.

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I'm currently in the process of acquiring the album. I didn't get any Milijenko Matijevic from the few tracks I've heard. I thought he sounded similar to Jesus Espin of 91 Suite. In any case, I'm excited to hear the full album. 

Also, if you want to discuss it further, we do have a thread for this band here

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Yeah, i said it reminds me of Steelheart in some of the highs, comparing with Milijenko Matijevic or Jesus Espin would be unfair, the vocalist is solid and the music is totally inspired by the 80's - 90's hard rock scene with a couple of groovy tracks in the album and man, they do it in style!!! Many people in the forum were discussing about the looks of the band, how they look south asian, well, India is a huge country (around 3.3 million km square), we have all kind of varied people with skin tones, looks, ethnicity but living as a nation since time unknown. By the way, have got the album already, one of the best 30 USD I have spent in 2022 buying music. 

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