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Singer vs Singer Vol. 4

Singer vs Singer  

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1. Taylor > Gillen - I know Gillen is probably the technically correct answer, but always loved Taylor's voice and his body of work and he's easily my personal preference in this duel. 

2. Sweet > Rock - neither the kind of vocalist I fantasise about, but Sweet does what he does well and I dig it. 

3. JLT > McAuley - much as I like a lot of McAuley's work I'm not a mad fan of his vocals singularly, but JLT has an awesome voice. Love his vocals.

4. Poole > Corder - votes tipped the other way at the moment, but I prefer Poole. His voice suits the brand of hard rock he played, both in the past and in recent times. To be fair, Corder was perfect for Tora Tora too, but I prefer Poole. 

5. Paris > Vain - pained me to do this as I prefer Vain's body of work to any band in this entire poll, but purely on a vocal level, Paris was really a pretty awesome hard rock singer and on vocals alone I couldn't vote against him, even against the marvellously unique Davy Vain. 

6. Keifer > Dizzy - the original was always far better to me than the copycat. Both in screams and clean. 

7. Harnell > Mills - much as I always loved Shy and would have had it no other way in the world, I was never the greatest fan of Mills' voice (R.I.P.) outside of Shy, whereas I love Harnell whenever I can hear him anywhere. Harnell the clear favourite for me in this duel, but two valuable vocalists to our genre. 

8. Keith > Snare - hmmm, actually surprised to see the clean sweep for Keith so far. I like it. I like Snare, but hard to find a cooler hard rock vocalist than Keith in his prime. Unique, easily identifiable and on point for an incredibly long time. 

9. Reece > Meine - flip a coin, but I'm giving it to Reece on the merit of the Bangalore Choir debut alone. 

10. Volmer > Ostergaard - on a purely vocal level, I have to go with the slightly more versatile Volmer, but I would never wish to take away from Ostergaard's (R.I.P.) magnificent contribution to the world of hard rock. Loved his relentlessly distinct voice from his first to his last record. 

11. Huff > Martin - two very fine vocalists but I have to give the edge to Huff. The most impressive feature of both these guys is how believable their emotive output is, and in harder rocking numbers, I have to give the edge to Huff. 

12. Borden > Midnight - not really a fan of either of these guys, but I'd probably prefer Borden to Midnight (R.I.P.) in a pinch. 

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