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Gun - Better Days 2021


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Never going to rival the original, but not too bad.
Possibly appeal to a larger section of the public, and certainly appropriate for what's going on at the moment around the world.



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3 of my fav albums that get frequent listens and single songs off all 3 that get many listens, such as Girls In Love, Money To Burn and Cameo cover Word Up, I could honestly say if Rankin sings on something, and it's in classic Gun style I'll probably like it, the sad and disgusting shit, if I may call it that, they have frequently released after Swagger has been something I hope the entire band not only regret but disowned, I'm sorry but Dante should have sucked Rankin off to get him to come back cause he can't even hold Rankins used rubber, he's a child in an adult game, and I have to wonder if Rankin was the song writer cause they didn't write a song since he left that's even listenable, Dante's best song is so much worse then Rankins worst song. They should've changed the name, and I thought those first 3 albums were disgustingly underrated for how awesome they were.

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BTW This fucking blows, they need to just fucking go away already, now their ruining their classics, this was so fucking awful I had to hurry and pull up the real version and listen, to douche my fucking ears of this garbage

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