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The biggest catastrophe in world history


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So what does everybody (who cares) think about the new info and court subpoena filed in the biggest most horrific show of death and carnage and white supremacy in world history? the Sept 6th holocaust, putting Sept 11 to shame, do you Aussies know any of the recent workings that have begun in reference to the single greatest massacre and act of homicide since the dawn of man? I was just curious if anyone else believes it will be the straw that smashes the camels spine and that kicks off domestic fighting and possibly a civil war? I hope it doesn't but if they somehow are able to get a hold of that footage, I personally think I'll be mad enough to do some stupid shit, I mean they are out now, they are fucked, it's just a matter of time, and if they were smart, that fucking entire cycle of footage would mysteriously disappear off every and any place it existed, because the way I see it, now, there's really nothing they can say or do to explain it away, they got the whistle blown on them.I

It all makes sense, and it would be not only the most corrupt scandal our Government has ever been caught in, it would send more then half of this country into a psychotic rage, it will send everything into complete chaos and warfare, nothing even in the same ballpark as what occurred on the darkest day in our history, it really is kind of scary, that will be like dropping the flag, or switching on the green light, the part of me that wants it to happen is because I along with most US citizens, have grown disgusted with watching these cocksuckers piss on us and say its raining, day after day that red headed melted troll looking cunt gets up and lies to all of us, and doesn't even care to make it believable, this would put a lot of people in prison for a very long time, FUCKING GOOD!

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