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Bruce Mee from Fireworks magazine is making a tribute album to his mother.

From facebook:

The album I'm making in tribute to my mother finished recording last week.

Many, MANY thanks to Khalil Turk from Escape Music in helping me achieve this dream.

This will be a full-on kiss to the 80s, with some cover versions included from my favourite bands growing up.

Full listing as follows.....

Will be released via Escape records next Spring.



Little Piece of Heaven – Doro

Take My Love to Heart – Jaime Kyle (with Kevin Chalfant, Larry Antonio, Dave Jenkins etc on bvox. Whitesnake's Joel Hoekstra on amazing guitar)

Never Gonna Make You Cry – James Christian (Fierce Heart cover, with Joel again on guitars)

Bad Blood – Jeff Scott Soto

Knowing Me, Knowing You – Robin Beck (ABBA cover)

Truth Or Dare – Karen Fell from TAO (with Gary Hughes on Bvox)

Alone – Robin McAuley

Trick of the Light – Darby Mills

Time Has Come – Cheri Lyn

When He’s Gone – Gabrielle de Val

11:59 – Ellinor Asp from Hellinor (Blondie cover)

Love Is Tough – Tanya Rizkala Agostine from Epic

Don’t Fear the Reaper – Robin McAuley (BOC cover)


Here's a reaction from Rock-It Magazine editor Gerald Siebenmorgen when I sent him 2 tracks....

"The one with Doro is absolutely outstanding. 40 years back this would have been a huge hit!"

And Buck Dharma has heard the 'Don't Fear the Reaper' track, and liked it


Listen to 'Never Gonna Make You Cry':


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very touching idea from Bruce to do a tribute album to his mother.

I like the Abba track - it's my fav Abba song so I was afraid RB would anhialate it, but it was pretty good with a nice outro 

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5 hours ago, Stefan said:

New song 'Never Gonna Make Me Cry' feat. James Christian.





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 'Never Gonna Make Me Cry' is definitely the high point and a superb version and the rest, bar a couple of fillers, is very very good too.

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