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Wildness - Resurrection


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From Frontiers:

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to welcome Sweden’s Wildness to the label’s roster of melodic hard rock talent! The band are currently working on their label debut, and third album overall, for release some time in 2022. The band’s sound harkens back to classic hard rock with a focus on melodies and hooks, with their main influences being bands like Dokken, Whitesnake, DIO, FM, Extreme, Journey, and other diverse sounding artists under the rock umbrella. Crazy Lixx frontman Danny Rexon recently placed Wildness’ last album, ”Ultimate Demise” on his ”10 Awesome 21st Century Hair Metal Albums” list that he did for Loudwire. He described them thusly: ”Wildness are one of the new generation bands, probably taking inspiration from numerous previous bands on this list and combining it with more melodic metal, keyboards and, at times, even synthwave elements. Is this the future sound of the ”Hair Metal” genre? You tell me! But if it is, I sure won’t be complaining.”

Wildness was originally intended to be a studio project, but during 2014 developed into a traditional band. Soon after, they started rehearsing and performing live diligently and in September 2015 and January 2016 the self-produced singles ”Collide” and ”Turning The Pages,” respectively were released. The band recorded their debut album in 2016/17 and subsequently released their self-titled debut in late 2017.

In 2018, the band performed at a number of different festivals internationally and shared stages with Dokken, H.E.A.T, Dee Snider, Crashdïet, Dragonforce, Arch Enemy, Warrant, Vixen, and many more. They also had the honor to open for Pretty Maids and others during the course of the year. In 2019, the band began working on the follow-up to their well received self-titled debut. However, this work never came to fruition as vocalist Gabriel Lindmark left the band in the autumn of 2019 over musical disagreements.

In the spring of 2020, the band finally found the right replacement for their vacant vocal spot in Erik Forsberg (ex-Blazon Stone). Their second album, which was produced entirely by drummer Erik Modin, was named ”Ultimate Demise” and released in October 2020. The efford garnered the band some international attention within the melodic hard rock scene and showed continued growth musically. Wildness was also in 2021 featured in the international charity project ”Save The Noize” (where the soundtrack tune under the same name was written by the band’s main songwriter Erik Modin), along with Frontiers Srl-associated artists like Johnny Gioeli (Hardline), Åge Sten Nielsen (Ammunition, Wig Wam), Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx), Michael Blanc (degreed) and many others.

The band eventually came to the attention of Frontiers Music Srl, arguably THE premiere label for melodic hard rock signings, who wished to have the band join their roster. Wildness are currently working on their third album, anticipated for release in 2022.

Erik Forsberg – Lead vocals
Marcus Sjösund – Bass
Adam Holmström – Guitars
Pontus Sköld – Guitars
Erik Modin – Drums

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1 hour ago, auslander said:

ADV will get his mits all over this won't he...

Please no. They do just fine writing their own stuff 

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From FB:

Friends! We have some great news for you!

Wildness album number #3 is finally mixed, mastered and handed over to our friends at Frontiers Music srl.

We've been working hard from all ends to get this album done, and we're thrilled to share it with you guys later this year. Get ready for a full-blown Wildness experience packed with melodies, heavy choruses, wild guitar solos and exciting vocals.

Stick around for upcoming news regarding release date, single, music video and more.

Until then, stay wild!

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  • Stefan changed the title to Wildness - Resurrection
  • My Little Pony

October is looking strong. 

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4 hours ago, J.S.M said:

Where did you get this information from? Couldn't find it on their fb nor on Frontiers'.

And catalogue # FR CD 1260


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New video for 'Tragedy'.

From Frontiers:

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Swedish melodic rockers Wildness' new album, "Resurrection". The album, produced, mixed, and mastered by band founder, main songwriter, and drummer Erik Modin, contains 11 melodic rock masterpieces with one foot in the '80s and the other in the here and now. 

Wildness spent the bulk of 2021 planning and writing "Resurrection", the follow-up to their sophomore album “Ultimate Demise”. After the band signed a multi-album deal with Italian label Frontiers Music Srl in October 2021, the recording of “Resurrection” commenced with great enthusiasm. The band had spent plenty of time fine tuning the songs and were ready to nail them down in the studio. As an added treat on top of the already overflowing melodic rock goodness contained on "Resurrection", the album sees guest appearances by from vocalists Danny Rexon (Crazy Lixx), Hank Erix (Houston), Ludvig Turner (Reach), and Dani Hart on backing vocals. 

Wildness was formed in 2014 by drummer and songwriter Erik Modin, guitar players Adam Holmström and Pontus Sköld, and lead singer Gabriel Lindmark. The band performed live and released a few demos during the first two years of their existence before releasing their first two albums on the German label AOR Heaven. Prior to the release of their self-titled debut album in late 2017, bassist Marcus Sjösund stepped in as a full-time member of the band during the recording of the album. The debut album immediately became a great international success among fans of the melodic hard rock scene.

In 2018, the band performed at a number of different international festivals and shared stages with Dokken, H.E.A.T, Dee Snider, Crashdïet, Dragonforce, Arch Enemy, Warrant, 
Vixen, and more and also had the honor of opening for legendary Danish hard rockers Pretty Maids. In 2019, singer Gabriel Lindmark left Wildness and Erik Forsberg (ex-Blazon Stone) became their new frontman in the spring of 2020. The second album, "Ultimate  Demise", was released later in 2020 and produced by drummer Erik Modin. The song “Cold Words” caught on for the band and brought them to the attention of even more fans in the melodic rock  community. 

With "Resurrection", Wildness is armed with 11 undeniable tracks to take them to the next level. If you love melodic rock, then "Resurrection" needs to be on your 'must listen' list! 

1. Nightmare
2. Release The Beast 
3. Tragedy 
4. Love Resurrection
5. Best Of Me 
6. The Final Fantasy 
7. Lonely Girl 
8. The One And Only
9. Fading Sun
10. Dawn Of Forever
11. Eternity Will Never Fall

Erik Forsberg - Lead vocals
Marcus Sjösund - Bass
Adam Holmström - Guitars
Pontus Sköld - Guitars
Erik Modin - Drums



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I like it and can't wait for the album!

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