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Who is a band you wouldn't see live even if they paid you to go?


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Tough crowd. I'd see any of those for free, and definitely if someone paid. I think I'm curious enough I'd see anyone if someone paid me. 

The Darkness are probably the shitest rock band I can think of, but I'd still go have a look for free, or if paid, out of curiosity. 

I guess grunge and stuff like that'd be hard to stomach, but still, if someone's going to pay me to see it... 

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I hate being negative, but...

"The Sex Pistols"

"The Clash"

"The Ramones"

I'd actually pay to not see these bands.

Not much chance of seeing any of these guys live so perhaps in these cases, an almost identical tribute band.

Also, although he's not a band, you could add "Iggy Pop" to the list.

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I'm happy to be negative :)

My wife took me to see Cat Power - do not recommend

I saw a Pearl Jam tribute show once at a pub, and knew only one song and everything pretty much sucked, so I'd never do a Pearl Jam show

Darkness was a good call.

Probably many others, mainly bands I don't really like and don't know their songs, so why bother is you aren't into the songs?

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Definitely Nickelback. I saw them a few years ago in Cheyenne, WY and they were by far the laziest performers I have ever seen. Fortunately, Pop Evil was their opener and they were great.  Hayley Cramer on drums, really cool.

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dont know if this is genre specific, but I'd never go see ACDC or Aerosmith, id never go any nu metal bands, none of them, id certainly never go see the worst artist and person on the planet Cardi (literally no talent outside of im sure sucking cock) B, Id never see the Chicksie Dix, I made a mistake one time that put's LA Guns right up top on my list, you couldnt pay me to see Nickleback, and Id never go see Metallica ever again, primarily just cause I think they fucking suck, i'd rather go see One Direction, and Danzig also is a never see again,

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