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Revisit (A-Z) - Disturbance "We Come Out at Night"


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It's 1993 and pretty much no-one gives a damn about real hard rock because people are stupid.

Nevertheless, this American group released this killer pop metal cd. It landed and went nowhere. MTV didn't want no frills good-time music with more hooks than a pirate convention. 

Check out this track which, if released five years earlier in 1988, might have gone top 20:

if that hook-monster isn't enough to convince you, this was the single that no radio station bothered to play:

This is a quality record from a band that unfortunately didn't release a follow up. Well worth a revisit.

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5 hours ago, Doggy said:

If you are fan of Trixter, Ratt and Roxy Blue. You might enjoy this like I do.


Glad to know there are other fans. I can't keep spruiking this album enough.

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