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Revisit (A-Z) - Arcade "A/2"


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In 1994, Arcade released their second album, a year after the moderately successful self-titled debut. For some reason A/2 seemingly sank without a trace and soon after the band was no more.

It's a pity cause check out this track:

In any other year or release we would have been all over a track of the quality of "Angry". Another track worthy of highlight is "Get Off My Back". 

To me this track predicts the sound of bands like Velvet Revolver or Beautiful Creatures. It manages to keep that sleazy vibe but has that gritty approach that was perfected in the new wave of sleaze in the 2000s. 

Of course, Arcade were known for having Fred Coury and Stephen Pearcy as members, but apart from the vocals, I hear little of their two previous bands in the sound. 

While these two tracks are highlights, the rest of the album has a similar vibe. In case, like me, you missed it first time around  it may be well worth a revisit.

(Also, check out the cover art in its full fold out glory...)



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  • My Little Pony

Yeah, but most of the album is forgettable. But I also bought it thinking the album cover was stoopid... until I opened it up!


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Yeah have to say that after what I though was excellent debut this was really disappointing...sold it on years ago as it was forgettable at best, but the debut that is another kettle of fish...I still listen to that quite a bit.

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Listened to this recently and still the only thing I can enjoy is the ballad, 'When I'm gone.' Otherwise, a big step back from a half decent debut  

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