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Star Star - The Love Drag Years (1992)


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My review from the main site:

The great thing about the sleaze glam period is that so many albums were released that I am still "discovering" them now. So this sounds new and fresh to me even though it is nearly 30 years old! Musically, it is like a hard rock Rolling Stones (which makes sense given they are named after a Stones song). But on tracks like the brilliant "Science Fiction Boy" there is a definite Cheap Trick vibe too. Obviously their "look" is heavily influenced by Hanoi Rocks. Hell, blend those three bands together and you have Star Star! Grade A sleaze rock.

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When I listen to it ,I hear a lot of the Throbs meets Hanoi Rocks.

There was a previous album before this one, it has pricey price on it.

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Love that album. Saw the ads years ago and passed on it. The picked it up for a dollar at a record store at least fifteen years ago and couldn't believe how good it was. 

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