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Mark Baker - The Future Still Ain´t What I Used To Be


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New song 'Talk Too Much' (feat. Marcie Free).

Press release from MelodicRock Classics:

Two years ago, MelodicRock Records gave songwriter Mark Baker a chance to compile some of his best songwriter demos onto a release under his own name for the first time.

Now under the new label name MelodicRock Classics, its time to deliver another Volume of tracks, with a couple of limited edition options giving fans the chance to own the entire collection of Mark Baker melodic rock demos.

Sharing a similar name, the new release ‘The Future Still Ain’t What It Used To Be’ pays homage to the first album, sharing the epic title track ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ over both releases. However, on the new release, the song is sung by the great Caryl Mack Parker.

The rest of the album consists of fresh unreleased material, but some of the songs may still sound familiar.

The album contains an amazing original Signal demo for the Van Stephenson/Mark Baker co-write Wake Up You Little Fool; also a David Roberts sung demo of the Boulevard track In The Twilight; An Aina sung version of the James Christian track ‘No Pleasure Without Pain’ and more.




Track Listing & Vocalist Featured:

01. Talk Too Much (Marcie Free) 3:15

02. Wake Up You Little Fool (Original Demo)(Signal) 3:49

03. Feels Like Love (Vocalist Unknown / James Christian Backing Vocals) 4:42

04. Too Bad 4 My Own Good (Caryl Mack Parker) 3:31

05. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (Caryl Mack Parker) 4:03

06. No Pleasure Without Pain (Aina) 4:57

07. What Are We Fighting For (David Roberts) 3:50

08. When You Hear My Car (David Roberts) 3:49

09. In The Twilight (David Roberts) 5:01

10. How Are We To Know (David Roberts) 5:23

11. Parallel Lines (Peter McIan) 4:10

12. Livin' Without My Love (Billy Trudel) 4:48

13. As Long As I Know (Vocalist Unknown) 4:27

14. Walkin’ Talkin’ (James Christian) 4:43

15. Saved By Rock (Marcie Free) 3:29

16. The Long Goodbye (Marcie Free) 4:27


But wait...there’s more!

‘The Future Still Ain’t What It Used To Be’ will also be available in two limited edition formats featuring even more unreleased demos.

While working on cmpiling the material for this release, several tracks were uncovered that didn’t fit the normal audio quality level required of an official release. The masters just couldn’t be uncovered. But the songs are still great and deserve some form of preservation.

ALL TRACKS featured on both CDs have once again been loving remastered by JK Northrup at Alien 11:11 Studios.

500 units will be pressed as a Double CD featuring a bonus ‘B Disc’ of tracks featuring the awesme vocalists Marcie Free, Lee Aaron, Gary O, Aina, David Roberts & more...


Volume 2 ‘B Disc’ - Track Listing & Vocalist Featured:

01. Show Me (Marcie Free) 4:01

02. Fascination (Marcie Free) 3:30

03. Gonna Make A Believer (Marcie Free) 3:37

04. Innocent (Marcie Free) 4:06

05. Don't Talk About My Love (Gary O) 3:17

06. For True Love (Vocalist Unknown) 4:11

07. Some Hearts (Cal Curtis) 4:41

08. Can You See Me Now (Aina) 4:27

09. Say You'll Stay (Vocalist Unknown) 3:24

10. State Of My Heart (Lee Aaron) 4:41

11. Saigon (David Roberts) 4:17

12. Too Bad For My Own Good (Gary O) 3:15

13. Could It Be (Chako) 4:20


The other very special, very limited release is for 100 UNITS ONLY.

There are 100 copies of Volume 1 – The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ left in the world and I have all of them right here. There will be no more pressed of this volume ever. And the last 100 units are ONLY available in this limited edition package:

A 100 UNIT ONLY Long Box Slipcover Edition will feature both Volumes (The new 2CD Limited Edition, and one of the last remaining copies of Volume 1) together in the one supersized shrinkwrapped slipcover featuring excluisve artwork from the great Nello Del Omo; packaged as ‘The Complete AOR Demos’.

100 only and no reprint/repress ever. And ONLY available direct from MRC.


Pre-order here: https://melodicrockclassics.com/markbaker2.html





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I missed the first volume the first time around. Just listening to it in the Spotifies right meow, and it's pretty cool. Nice to hear alternate versions of some songs, too. I'll have to grab both volumes. 

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Right meow? Isn't meow a cat?

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