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Hi, I'm new!

Jolly Olli

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Hey guys,

I found this site a few weeks ago and have no idea what took me that long. I have been lurking around for a while, for recommendations and seeing how things are on here. I wish there was a bit more activity, but let quality rule over quantity I say!

I'm- you guessed it - Olli (not jolly at all times, mind you) from Germany. I have been into rock music since I was five (that what I can recall, I got told I was getting jolly when good music was played from a very young age). I'm into nearly all kinds of rock music with AOR and Hard Rock/HM having a special place in my heart. I also listen to selected stuff from other genres, of course.

I'm not in a band or the business at the moment and any band I've been in, you haven't heard of anyway. I am an old school vinyl lover, but do also buy CDs and tapes - whatever suits my needs or budget.

I guess that's all for now. Looking forward to talking to you!

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41 minutes ago, AlphaMale said:

Hello Olli! Enjoy your stay here. Looking forward to talking with you and seeing what bands you dig.

On a side note, my best friend's name was Ollie. He unfortunately is no longer with us. 

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  • My Little Pony

Do we talk about music here? I thought this was a political forum. Anyway, enjoy your stay. 


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