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THE FIFTH - The Fifth (2021)


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THE FIFTH (Roy Cathey of Cold Sweat, SteelCity) – The Fifth (2021) 

SEPTEMBER 24, 2021


THE FIFTH (Roy Cathey of Cold Sweat, SteelCity) - The Fifth (2021) *0dayrox Exclusive* full

Formed in the early 2000’s by singer Roy Cathey (Cold Sweat, SteelCity) Fayetteville, NC natives THE FIFTH are back with a new line up and a refreshed approach. The band released a couple of successful albums even touring in Japan, with a modern rock / alternative orientation.

However Cathey’s heart belongs to classic ’80s melodic hard rock, and this is the musical path of this ‘new’ THE FIFTH and their self-titled material released today.

The Fifth return to the melodic hard rock world in grand style, delivering a knockout blow on the very first track “Shake Little Sister,” flowing right into “Calm Before The Storm” which shows the band’s depth and musicianship with lush acoustic guitars and stunning three-part harmonies.

“Home” is the band’s unapologetic tribute to the power ballad. An instant classic that fits right in the favourites of years gone by, and could have been a radio / MTV hit.

With “Comin’ To Get Ya” the listener gets a stomping rocker with elements of The Fifth’s previous era, modern meaty hard with some of Audioslave on it. Closing the record out, “Roll The Bones” is the Every Man Anthem, reminiscent of classic Van Halen and Whitesnake that gets the blood pumping with catchy lyrics and soaring guitars.

Commanded by Cathey’s strong vocals, The Fifth rocks with style and melody all over these new tracks / new era. Young guitar hero Justin Womble provides sharp guitar riffs & solos, and with the double barrel firepower of the rhythm section of Gary “Zeus” Smith and bassist Jake Tripp the band has the deadly combination of youth and experience that makes them a welcomed addition to the Melodic Hard Rock scene.

Highly Recommended


01 – Shake Little Sister
02 – Calm Before the Storm
03 – Home
04 – Coming to Get You
05 – Roll the Bones

Roy Cathey – vocals, guitar
Justin Womble – guitar
Jake Tripp – bass
Gary “Zeus” Smith – drums







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