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UPDATED 5-14-2012 - Guidelines for Submitting Ebay auction Data

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UPDATE! I've done some cleanup to this forum and added the unadded results from the last year or so. If you notice, I've prepended "*ADDED*" to the front of the thread titles. I belatedly realized that there is some good discussion about the CDs in question that shouldn't have been deleted, so this will allow us to retain the discussion and still keep track of which results need to be added.


In light of this, please do NOT add new results to the bottom of an existing thread. Always start a new thread for each result.




  • Please only submit Ebay auctions for official CDs, no bootlegs or CDRs.
  • Only submit data for items that sold successfully, i.e., do not include auctions with zero bids, or that did not meet reserve, or that were ended early.
  • Please only submit results in U.S. dollars (or convert the total prior to submission).
  • Final bid price only, do not include any shipping costs.
  • Please supply the following information for each entry:
    1. Auction number
    2. Complete text of auction title
    3. Number of bids
    4. Final price
    5. Important: The complete URL to the auction in case we need to doublecheck anything.


Thanks in advance for the help!!



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I will start a new thread around the 1st of each month.


This is an example of what your submission should look like:


Item number: 4066096316

Title: Desperado - Bloodied But Unbowed CD Dee Snider

Final Price: 76.00

Number of bids: 31

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