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UPDATED 5-14-2012 - Guidelines for Submitting Ebay auction Data

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UPDATE! I've done some cleanup to this forum and added the unadded results from the last year or so. If you notice, I've prepended "*ADDED*" to the front of the thread titles. I belatedly realized that there is some good discussion about the CDs in question that shouldn't have been deleted, so this will allow us to retain the discussion and still keep track of which results need to be added.


In light of this, please do NOT add new results to the bottom of an existing thread. Always start a new thread for each result.




  • Please only submit Ebay auctions for official CDs, no bootlegs or CDRs.
  • Only submit data for items that sold successfully, i.e., do not include auctions with zero bids, or that did not meet reserve, or that were ended early.
  • Please only submit results in U.S. dollars (or convert the total prior to submission).
  • Final bid price only, do not include any shipping costs.
  • Please supply the following information for each entry:
    1. Auction number
    2. Complete text of auction title
    3. Number of bids
    4. Final price
    5. Important: The complete URL to the auction in case we need to doublecheck anything.


Thanks in advance for the help!!



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I will start a new thread around the 1st of each month.


This is an example of what your submission should look like:


Item number: 4066096316

Title: Desperado - Bloodied But Unbowed CD Dee Snider

Final Price: 76.00

Number of bids: 31

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    • Most likely my final list...don't really see it changing, but as I've only been listening to 2018 releases this month then this is pretty much nailed on...numbered em too   Top5... 01.Midnite City - There Goes The Neighbourhood 02.Treat - Tunguska 03.The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes The World Ain't Enough 04.Shiraz Lane - Carnival Days 05.Creye-s/t followed by... 06.W.E.T-Earthrage 07.Kissin Dynamite - Ecstasy 08.Vega-Only Human 09.Ted Poley/Degreed-Modern Art 10.Steel City-Fortress But the best thing I heard this year is LeBrock - The Real Thing E.P Honourable mentions to Nitrate - Real World,Jerome Mazza-Outlaw Son & Groundbreaker-s/t    
    • Echo Echo haha, for me it's an epic song
      love the changes through it
    • Man, finally I've got the Jap. version! Feck me, but  those Japanese bonuses rule the airways!  (Restless Heart-Tattoo Rodeo cover +  Liaison Of Love(synthwave remix))! Tera giga mega release! I love them!    
    • Otherwise - True Love Never Dies Planethard - Crashed On Planet Hard Lutricia McNeal - Greatest Hits It's Immaterial - Life's Hard And Then You Die (2 CD Deluxe Edition) King - Remixes & Rarities (2 CD) Hollywood Beyond - If (2 CD Expanded) Moms Rocket - Red Escape - Borderline Sabu - s/t + 1 (Reissue)
    • that is my least fav song on Shiraz Lane!!!!
    • that is my least fav song on Shiraz Lane!!!!
    • This was done in another thread, but I couldn't find that to reply, so I figured I'd start a thread Not sure what 'rules' there are for this type of thing, but I went with 15 songs, max 1 from any album.
      I sorted them the way I thought they went best together, starting strong, and finishing strong.
      01 Reincarnation - Shiraz Lane
      02 Broken Chandeliers - Roxanne
      03 Let It Be - CoreLeoni
      04 Sham Pain - Five Finger Death Punch
      05 Progenitors - Treat
      06 Waking Lions - Pop Evil
      07 Two Coins And A Dead Man - Reece
      08 More Than The Moon - Station
      09 Time - Ammunition
      10 Hangover In Hannover - Electric Boys
      12 Please Come - Black Stone Cherry
      13 Higher Than Love - Angeline
      13 Too Little Too Late - SteelCity
      14 You Don't Understand Me - Midnite City
      15 You're Not Alone - Kissin' Dynamite
    • Speaking of Skin & Bones...There is a cassette from a seller on ebay claiming Skin & Bones did a demo in 1999...I don't think this is the same skin & Bones even tho the seller says it is. On the cover it says Chicago.

      Link is
    • De Arrow - S/T Ones I been looking for Joe Lynn Turner - Undercover Joe Lynn Turner - Undercover 2.  

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