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Pink Cream 69 Return To SPV For New Album Release In Spring 2022

Dead Planet

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Steamhammer / SPV are opening the autumn 2021 season with a real bang, taking advantage of the increasingly upbeat mood after that nerve-wracking lockdown: 

Pink Cream 69, one of the most renowned and longest-serving hard rock bands on the German music scene, has signed with the Hannover-based label. The quintet – consisting of David Readman (vocals), Alfred Koffler (guitar), Marco Wriedt (guitar), Roman Beselt (bass), and Chris Schmidt (drums) – currently finds itself in the songwriting process for its next studio album. 

Koffler: "At the moment we are sifting through and sorting the new material. There are currently about thirty tangible ideas for new tracks, which we are, as always, subjecting to a thorough selection process in order to deliver a homogenous album."

The production of the as yet untitled new release is scheduled to begin in the coming weeks. Koffler hopes that the record will be ready to be mixed in December 2021, and the release of a single including video is scheduled to precede the arrival of the album. Pink Cream 69 have enlisted their former bassist Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Place Vendome, Gus G.) as sound engineer to mix and master their latest offering

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Kind of cool, but it'd be cooler if Ward was actually still a part of the band. Looking forward to it, though. 

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1 hour ago, Darkstone said:

David Readman....I'm in!

Funny you say that. Hadn't thought of it previously, but you know what would get me really excited about a new Pc69 album? I would love if it Andi Deris returned, with Ward back on deck as a proper member too. Now that, would be awesome. 

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