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Beast In Black - Dark Connection


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Oh yeah, they're back! Awesome.

Press release from Nuclear Blast:

2021-08-20 - The future has begun: Today, heavy metal heroes BEAST IN BLACK start into a new shimmering metallic era of their bright future. The band announces their new album "Dark Connection"and reveals the cover artwork for this fantastic masterpiece, catapulting the listener into the exciting world of cyberpunk. "Dark Connection" marks the third album of the international high-flyers and will be released on October 29th via Nuclear Blast Records.

Guitarist Anton Kabanen states, "Enter cyberpunk. Flying cars, sprawling metropolis, valleys of neon lights, emotionless killers, gynoids, femmes fatales, shadowy characters, lethal lust, forbidden passion, love larger than life, space travel... All this and much more is what Dark Connection holds within. Such cyberpunk animes as Armitage III, Cyber City Oedo 808, AD Police, Battle Angel Alita and Bubblegum Crisis have essentially served as sources of inspiration, as well as the immortal classic film by Ridley Scott; Blade Runner. And as always, a Beast In Black album wouldn't be a Beast In Black album without a heavy impact of Berserk, the manga and anime creation of Kentaro Miura. Sadly, the beloved author passed away while we were still making this album. Thus, Dark Connection is dedicated to Kentaro Miura." 

A first musical appetizer of "Dark Connection" called 'Moonlight Rendezvous' will be released on September 3rd. Keep an eye on the band’s and label’s channels to not miss any news.

Anton continues on the artwork, "The instantly captivating album artwork was once again done by Roman Ismailov. Its visual emphasis significantly correlates with the recurring themes of Dark Connection. The tense gaze shared between the Beast and the drop-dead gorgeous femme fatale gynoid, Cynthia, speaks of an exciting, arousing, dangerous, mysterious and even questionable connection on a physical, emotional and moral level. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well, this certainly is the case!"

The track list for "Dark Connection" reads as follows:
1. Blade Runner
2. Bella Donna
3. Highway To Mars
4. Hardcore
5. One Night In Tokyo
6. Moonlight Rendezvous
7. Revengeance Machine
8. Dark New World
9. To The Last Drop Of Blood
10. Broken Survivors
11. My Dystopia
12. Battle Hymn (MANOWAR Cover)
13. They Don't Care About Us (MICHAEL JACKSON Cover)






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3 hours ago, Stefan said:

I'm just waiting for Jez to agree with me. :)

I'm agreeing with you ;)

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I'm suprised there's no interest for this. This is great, the music and the video. Fun stuff, you know.

Not those depressing threads about Covid-19, presidents and America in general :whistle:

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I enjoy some of the tunes off their last two albums.  Anton can write some great melodies and the singer has a great range.  New track is solid.  The synths are a bit more pronounced than in past.  Not saying that's a bad thing just an observation.  I think they may get less attention on the forum just due to the mix of styles (Eurobeat, metal, symphonic rock) leading to more of a niche audience.  

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The type of band where you just know it will be huge before you hear it. 

I love these guys - 2 incredible albums and I can’t wait for the new one to drop. 

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