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20 hours ago, Doggy said:

Found on EvilBay, for a bargain $5 Australian. Seems Discogs has banned releases by them.. They based somewhere in Las Vegas. 


Yes, Las Vegas, Sam's (Retrospect Records) other other label, though he has and will (check the hundreds upon thousands of threads dedicated to it on this site) adamantly deny it.

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Discogs claim the label was based in Italy, where found it was Las Vegas

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I put Sam through the ringer and he would never answer me, Im sure someone remembers I got kind of heated at him, then felt bad, but fuck all he had to do was say it wasnt him, then I would know he was lying, just kidding, because he's the one that led me to Timewarp to buy Rio - Sex Crimes, I thought it was shady cause I didnt think it ever got released on disc, but I started looking at some of those titles and got stupid, and paid handily for it, I was on drugs back then, so I had no sense or filter, I was fucking enraged, then anyone who knows me knows the thing I hate the most is being ignored when Im trying to be serious, I would take a response like you got jacked now go fuck yourself, better then just being blown off, thats what was sending me into rage mode, ive never gotten an answer from him to this day, but that was like 12 yrs ago, and I cant hate Sam, id have a lot more respect for him if he told me yes or no, but oh well, watta ya do?

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