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    • No I never once claimed I knew any of the answers, didnt you read what I said? I claim one thing, I dont know, read that, I dont know, but unlike most people I dont clip some wacky explanation to it, im fine not knowing, nobody on this planet knows, thats fact, and yes until I have proof my mind is closed, just as closed as yours is to the opposite being the case, I think if anyone is closed minded it's the religious, you dont see many atheists strapping dynamite to themselves and blowing themselves up in the name of nobody, do you?
    • To be fair though mate, these comments could also apply to any adherent of a mainstream organized Religion.  Whether it be Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc,etc,etc.
    • Yeah, I guess you're right. I think it's more to do with control and the new powers legislated. 
    • This , like most posts, took a turn for the weird. I enjoy this time between Thanksgiving and New Years Day -the holiday season for me whether it's Christmas,Hanukkah,Kwanzaa,etc...Christmas gets slammed so that's why I singled it out.(probably because it's commercialized). I don't care what your beliefs or disbeliefs are-just enjoy this time of year !
    • They already watch us and track us everywhere through cell phones, credit cards, smart watches, Alexa type units , internet browsers, email, twitter etc... so why would they need to do more.....I doubt they can keep up with the flow of information that they have now let alone add to it....
    • You brought the man out of me, so many times, easily. 
    • One of my all-time favorite Christian rock-ballads.
    • I don't mind at all. That was the only way I could make you say, "Oh God!" without it being blasphemy. 
    • For the record, I would totally check out a "Do you want to Bang your Librarian?" thread. Also, when I first glanced at this post, I thought it read, "Do you want to Bang your Libertarian?" and I immediately thought, "No way in hell does anybody here want to bang Leykis." 
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