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Retrospect Records (sort of update)

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Well , it's been a while and I don't think we have released anything new for quite a few years.  Why?  Because the market is dead and it's not worth forking out the big bucks for 1000 discs.  HOWEVER , due to the amazing prices that I've seen old Retro releases sell for , I am going to make a massive effort to revitalize the label , re-issue the entire back catalog , and finally release the hundreds of Hard Rock and Metal albums that me and my brother have been sitting on for years.  As most of you may well know , I got into the t-shirt business as it was more lucrative.  BUT , with some help from a graphic design artist , I think the time has come to re-do the website and get Retrospect back on the map.  

I'd still sell the label at the right price , but as of right now , I think it's time Retrospect got the update it deserves and the fans got all this amazing music again.  


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Well that's good news. Good luck Sam.

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I sold most of my original Retro releases over the past year, most sold from 35.00 to 75.00, I better sell what I have left before you reissue them.  LOL

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    • In Through The Out Door-Led Zepellin
    • Stop !-Jane's Addiction
    • Love Frontline...great band 
    • Yeah man, you'd assume that was written and recorded by Blue Tears somewhere between 1990-1992, recorded by Sweet in 1994 with a tweak here and there for a songwriting credit. But defo an original BT song. 
    • Was listening to Blue Tears today and Forever Yours played. Pretty sure that Michaels Sweet recorded it first, but they both have writing credits. That said I'm pretty sure it was on a Blue Tears album that was a collection of historic tracks, so maybe they recorded it first and then MS did it later. Bother great versions.
    • I actually listened to my Best of B&T today. No More Broken Dreams is one of the better songs of all time
    • That last track posted reminds me a lot of Danger Danger
    • New album out now on Noble Demon Records, available on Spotify. Seems to be much more stylistically varied than the last album... and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I'm going to need some repeat listens with this one.    
    • Press release: Pride & Joy Music is happy to announce the signing of French AOR band HEART LINE! Heart Line is a new AOR/Melodic Rock band led by French guitarist and producer Yvan Guillevic (YGAS, PYG, United Guitars) . Surrounded by a fantastic team, the group consists of vocalist Emmanuel Creis (Shadyon, Equinox), keyboardist Jorris Guilbaud (Devoid, Shadyon), drummer Walter Français (Shadyon) and bassist Dominique Braud (YGAS, EBH). Formed in 2020, Heart Line is strongly inspired by legendary 80’s bands, from Whitesnake, to Foreigner, Journey, Winger, Bad English, Giant, and many more. Powerful and melodic, Heart Line takes us back to the beating heart of the 80’s, with heroic guitar solos and soaring vocal lines, supported by a stunning rhythm section and virtuoso keyboard licks. The release of the group’s debut album « Back In The Game » is scheduled for a release as CD & digital on November 19th, 2021 via Pride & Joy Music!   www.facebook.com/Heartlinebandofficial    
    • Yeah, I absolutely love it. Just can't fault it if I tried.   
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