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I see some of these popping up on Ebay.

The Seller is from Canada. I know how most of you feel about the boot stuff.

I am with you, but sometimes it's the only way to get a physical cd, and

not spend a lot. Problem is, most of this stuff is

 ends up going for $30 or more. I am wondering if anyone knows where to get these cheaper?

Not sure where the guy from CA gets them. I just want them for my collection.

If i did try to sell them (which i wouldn't) i would be kicked off and trashed so quickly,

my head would spin. I know they are cdr's, but any help would be appreciated.



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7 hours ago, nyoilers said:

Thanks,I don't know most of those CD's but I do know that Franke and the Knockouts released a 3 CD set for a reasonable price.

The three CD set of Franke and the Knockout was release through Friday Music.

Whoever is Friday Music is, but they lot of titles on the roster ?

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17 hours ago, Doggy said:

The three CD set of Franke and the Knockout was release through Friday Music.

Whoever is Friday Music is, but they lot of titles on the roster ?

That 3 CD set is a better deal than buying each original CD

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    • I really like the HEAT album as well. All that I really wish they included was some more cowbell.
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    • This is from Simon Daniels personal Facebook page: I never post about internal affairs on social media, but since we are being brutally attacked by Steve Lynch, Forgive me for being forced to lower myself to this level, but I see no other way to defend ourselves at this point. We were made equal partners with equal rights by Steve Lynch in 2014. In the last nine years, he loved us for what we did until he decided to quit and leave us high and dry in 2019 including Randy. He waited for Randy to pass to terminate our work for no other reason than to harm us. I’m not gonna elaborate more. Not up for discussion.. We’re not looking for any drama on line and let the legal process which was initiated by Steve Lynch days after Randy’s passing take it’s course. Blessings   Also, in a question from someone as to are they still allowed to use the name and perform the songs now there are no originals left, he said yes as anyone can perform those songs (no mention of the name usage) live, but that they are now performing 80% new material on stage these days. If that is not reason enough to not see a band called Autograph, I dunno what is. I get someone like David Lee Roth would not wanna perform Sammy era VH songs, but if you go out there under the name Autograph, regardless of who is in the band, you have to accept that fans wanna hear the classics, not the new stuff most people have never even heard. Imagine Def Leppard going out on tour and only performing stuff released after Sparkle lounge.
    • USA Holland should be interesting 
    • The song is just ok. I will give the rest of the record a shot but the single sounds way too symphonic for me. I agree with the others, this is not Revolution Saints. It should have some other name or be a Deen solo release. I don't care for the engineering on this song either, it sounds muddy to me. C.H.
    • Yes! Finally a big pair of wings on the front cover.
    • Video for 'Adrian'.    
    • Geoff on cock, of course. 
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