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Stuff Ive found have you heard any of these??

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Believe it or not this is Grand Designs singer Pelle Saether





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Are you saying he was in all four of these bands prior to Grand Design? What a collection, if so. I'd pass on all of them except Step Echo. I quite like the second song, and the band name seems familiar for some reason. 

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Wasn’t aware he’d been in any of these - I always assumed he had been in other bands but never found much info. Step Echo and Sidewinder are decent enough tunes. 

I didn’t recognise him without the auto tune set to helium mode... 

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No guys he just sang on that 1st song, it was his first band, I just thought that was interesting, thats all, I dont have any info on any of the other 3 bands, I just never heard them before and thought I'd see if you guys had, they are all out of my step dads stuff, other then Step Echo.

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