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THE TAKE "Hard Wave Heroes"


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"Hard Wave Heroes" is the final album of THE TAKE Band that was just released on the Metallic Blue Records label.   This two CD set is a collection of the early years of THE TAKE and a large portion of the songs feature Chris Boudreaux on drums.   The first disc includes 25 tracks that are timed about 2 to 3 minutes in length which were recorded in 1980-83.   The second disc, "The Second Wave" consists of 13 tracks recorded in 1993 and takes the band's sound back to their beginnings.  All totaled, there are 38 tracks in this set.   This collection consists of simple and clean, old Rock'n Roll that was popular in the late 70's to early 80's.  There is that "pinup models, Hotrod, boy-girl" feel to the music that consists of rock n roll guitar and irrisitible melodies  often backed by pop oriented keyboards.   Although not as well produced as the other two THE TAKE releases, this collection fills a huge gap in the band's history and the songs are cheerful, sometimes pulling influences from early 80's bands such as THE CARS, DIRE STRAITS or LOVE & ROCKETS.    It's the style of music that incorporated the New Wave melodic sound popular at the time while adding a hard rock edge that came from the band’s hard rock background. Their new sound became known as “Hard Wave” as the album title suggests.  This two CD set rounds out the discography of this long secluded band from Salt Lake City that has finally been given the exposure they certainly deserve.   Thanks to Metallic Blue Records for revealing another previously unknown Gem.


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