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THE TAKE "Get Taken"


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"Get Taken" is one of several of THE TAKE band's albums that has just been made available on the Metallic Blue Records label. I've waited anxiously for these albums and was very excited when my copies arrived. Tracks one through 5 of the "Get Taken" album were originally recorded in 1985 and tracks six through eleven in 1997. This album features Chris Boudreaux on lead vocals, having shifted from drums and prior to his leaving the band to form the band SOLDIER. Michael Coones moved to rhythm guitar and background vocals during this period. This altered the sound of the band in a unique and pleasant way. Their approach is a rock guitar attack, accented by keyboards, Chris Boudreaux's uniquely expressive voice, and well crafted songs. I did not hear one ballad in the 11 tracks, although there was a wide range of mid tempo songs and all out rockers. There is even a widely different version of one of my favorite tracks "Young Girls In Love", this time with Chris on lead vocals. When I played the very first track, "Baby Don't Leave", I couldn't help thinking I was listening to a RANDY ODA song. The riffs are just excellent, the choruses are catchy and Boudreaux has an excellent melodic, high pitched voice throughout the album. Overall, the sound is in the vein of ODA (Power of Love), STAN BUSH, early 80's BON JOVI and at times even DEF LEPPARD. Having been isolated out in Salt Lake City, the band never received the recognition they deserve in the melodic rock circles. These guys blow away most of the unjustly deserved bands out there. This album is about as good as 80's AOR / melodic rock gets.


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A bit primitive for my (current) tastes, but pleasant. I'm not as much into some of the classic material as I once was. I find myself gravitating more to modern retrowave/synthwave that has many of those musical characteristics but with current production /mix quality.

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