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Fag trojan commercial on regular TV


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I always say, I dont give a fuck what the queers do, I really dont have any problem with them, let them get married, do whatever, but I DONT WANT TO SEE THAT SHIT! it's like watching a commercial with someone wiping their ass, just cause it's supposed to be normal, dont mean I want to see it, so sitting here watching one of the greatest shows of all time, Married With Children, and during the commercial I get hit with this. Your thoughts??


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2 hours ago, Rob Babcock said:

It's not like they showed penetration!:pimp:😂

no but if I might interest  you in some top of the line Aussie porn, I know just place to send you, penetration and all,

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seriously, I make a lot of jokes about everyone, nobodys safe if I see some funny shit I laugh, I hate nobody(except Antifa) and I got no problems with everyone being treated the same, but having a lesbo sister has gotten me into many heated debates, lesbians are cool, dudes sucking each other off is cool, I just dont want to see it, lesbians is alright, they can kiss away, it's just that the majority arent gay, I dont have a problem other then it's just kind of gross, I dont think they need to have anyone kissing in any commercial, but you dont just spring that on somebody, I mean in all the movies ive done for G-Off, never once did I ever kiss, thats just gross, but for real, for people who arent use to seeing dudes making out, I dont believe it's anything less then shocking, they may as well been pounding each other in the ass, cause it is a rubber commercial, and I wouldnt have been any more or any less like what the fuck?

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