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So I'm listening to Stryper - God Damn Evil


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So I'm listening to Stryper - God Damn Evil for the first time.

All I heard during the first son was "Chicken in the bus" rather than Take It To The Cross.
Yep, that song is ruind for me forever now.
Lucky it was a pretty shit song.

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The album is actually pretty solid, but that song ... Good God, what were they thinking, right? But hey, it was an experiment and they seemed to learn from their mistake as there was nothing like that on the next album ("Even the Devil Believes").

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The problem with Stryper is they talk up the album and being heavy and "no ballads" and balls out, and this puts me off.

They Stryper I don't like is the high end Michael Sweet screeching, and I like their ballads and more melodic stuff.
When I eventually get to an album I'm usually pleasantly surprised and it's better than I had thought.

But yeah, that first song, lol

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