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The Brave - Evie's Little Garden (releasing July 27, 2021)

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From the studios of Pakaderm Records came to of the 90's best Christian Rock releases, Battle Cries & Trust. 2014 gave us Rise with 5 new singles and a new singer. 2021 will bring the 1st Full Length album of Original material to the masses since 1994. The album is a 12 song collection called Evie's Little Garden, and begins mixing this month with Grammy-Award winning Mix Engineer JR McNeely, with a new single to be released Spring 2021

Track Listing: 
1. Evie's Little Garden 
2. Run to You 
3. I've Always Wondered 
4. We're Not in Kansas Anymore 
5. Elevate Me 
6. Creep 
7. Lonely Bones 
8. If I Told You 
9. And We All Fall Down 
10. Lucid 

BONUS TRACKS (CD & Vinyl Only) 
11. Come to Me 
12. Love: Automatic 


Sound samples available at the bottom of this page: https://thebravemusic.com/pre-order-evie-s-little-garden



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  • My Little Pony

I dunno about "damned good." I'd have to hear more. Also, wasn't Rise with a female vocalist? Is this another new singer?

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Infinitely better than Rise IMO. There are samples of both albums on their website. While the new lead vocalist will never match the original, once the vocal harmonies kick in, it appears quite enjoyable. I preordered.

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Those samples give me hope where previously I had none, given what a disaster "Rise" was. Obviously they're never going to touch the brilliance of their debut, but you can hear the hooks & harmonies and they do indeed sound pretty damned solid. That female vocalist was always a mistake, so it was great to see they jettisoned that failed experiment. New singer is no James Salters, but he gets the job done.

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Solid stuff, and eons betters than the last atrocity they released.

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  • My Little Pony

Ok, yeah, that's not bad. 

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