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Akiba Music - Compassion


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New project featuring Héctor Pérez and Jesús Espín (91 Suite, Secret).

"Akiba Music is the brainchild of a young spanish musician, Héctor Pérez, he loves the japan manga comic scene and that is the real inspiration to create his music. Also a big lover of the computer games world and videogames. His first musical project is now a reality and sounds extremely melodic and full of dinamyc music in the vein of classic AOR bands from the 80s."





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New album 'Compassion' out now.



Love will not let you down

Creative determination

Give it up

The light will come

Sandpaper of my soul

You're still alive?

You will Die


Vocals: Jesus Espín. "The light will come"

Vocals: Chris Aguilar.

Mix and Master: Iván González.

Lyrics: Akiba, Chris Aguilar and Jesus Espín.

Composer: Akiba.

Guitars: Akiba.

Bass: Akiba.

Synths and piano: Akiba.

"Give it up" guitar solo: Carlos Lozano.

Drums: Toni Mateos.

Edition: LaxaL.





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Another release that seems to have been completely overlooked here on HH... check out those vids for "Give It Up" and "Love Will Not Let You Down". I swear both tunes sound like something you'd hear from AdrianGale! 

Compassion | Akiba Music (bandcamp.com)


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