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Forgotten Hard Rock Albums - DIRTY WHITE BOY - "Bad Reputation"


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Back in 1990, Polydor Records released the one and only release from the band DIRTY WHITE BOY. These back alley hard rockers mixed blues and hard rock with a tinge of what would become grunge. But it all worked. Produced by Beau Hill, I found this in the cut-out bin back in the early 90's for $3 bucks. 

Check it out:







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When see the members who are this band, you think they on to bigger things.

Sad, that word starts G, make a end of that and other bands.

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    • Was hoping I'd see some bouncing orbs but these videos leave a bit to be desired.  This was a band I actually quite liked for a few years there. And I still like that stuff. Their recent output, I have no such like for. 
    • Another band he was part of is KilliT, which is more melodic than the glam/sleaze of King Lizard. From what I have seen he did a Kickstarter for the new album, but says its his debut. We never learn was only released digitally, so maybe he considers that more of a demos thing or something. Plus this new album is the first time he has taken on vocals, so that may also be why he considers it his debut.
    • King Lizard have a few pretty cool tracks, but yeah, his solo stuff probably sounds a little better to me. Sounds pretty cool. 
    • Niro is most well known as guitarist for King Lizard. https://heavyharmonies.com/cgi-bin/band.cgi?BandNum=5798 Probably not a band that well known outside of the UK/Europe.  
    • I've never heard of this guy before, but I just listened to "I Don't Believe You" on the Iridium channel. One of the handful of tracks he released this year. Apparently he released an album in 2015 (We Never Learn), but I can't find much info about it. What he's released this year so far is great stuff. Well worth keeping an eye on.         
    • Ha! I made the complete opposite joke a couple of weeks ago to my mate who supports Carlton just before their win over Melbourne.  I said Michael Voss should stick to Casanova and Demon Drive. It backfired on me, of course. 
    • The problem is I really want this to be good, so I'm already expecting to be disappointed. 
    • From Bravewords... In a new interview with Monsters, Madness And Magic, Jon Oliva talks about the early years of Savatage, the legacy of Criss Oliva, substance abuse, rehab, Halloween, haunted recording studios, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and more. Listen below. It’s been well over 20 years since Savatage released their last album, Poets And Madman, in 2001. In the new interview Oliva offers an update on the new Savatage album. Says Jon: "Well, we were doing a new Savatage record until I fractured my spine, and so we have to put that off now until the first of the year. I slipped on a wet marble floor, and I fractured my T7 vertebra. It's very painful... I'm actually in a lot of pain right now. I have to wear this kind of like a harness vest support thing for four months."  
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