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    • I had already begun to do that. ;} Maybe it's a new feature, maybe I've only noticed it now, but you can arrange all the members by post count. Dan's not listed, because he's technically not a member, but do you know who's number one? Surprisingly not Geoffrey, he's second. Our very own Sir Ian is 50 away from 41,000. I hope he's well. Poor bastard. I miss his wealth of knowledge, and particular taste. He was def one of the good ones. 
    • This was thru their online store. Couldn't find them in the BBB. A long time ago, I inquired about a couple of cd's they had. hadn't heard back from them A long time later, got an email that they were opening a new store. That is how all this started. 
    • New band from Romania...sound pretty good to me...I checked with search and they haven't come up...but if it is already posted I apologise...   Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of "King Of The Badlands", the upcoming debut album from Romania's Manic Sinners on February 18, 2022. A melodic hard rock band formed by three of the country’s most accomplished musicians, Ovidiu Anton, Adrian "Baciu" Igrisan, and Toni Dijmarescu, Manic Sinners are a welcome addition to Frontiers' roster of talent. Pre-order/save "King Of The Badlands" HERE: https://orcd.co/manicsinners. “King Of The Badlands" will showcase all the elements every memorable heavy rock album should have: soaring vocals, crushing riffs, ear candy hooks, blistering guitar solos, and a splendid power ballad. Produced by the band, they also brought in Alessandro Del Vecchio (Revolution Saints, Hardline, Jorn, etc.), the man with the magic melodic rock touch, to mix the album. Vocal powerhouse Ovidiu Anton, indisputably one of the best new Romanian rock singers, gained major exposure in 2016 by winning the Eurovision Song Contest National Selection. He is also the lead singer and founder of the band Anton, and a successful solo artist. Adrian “Baciu” Igrisan, who is in charge of drums, keyboards, and backing vocals, is best known for being the singer and guitarist of Cargo, Romania's most beloved rock band. With multiple gold records and countless sold-out concerts, Adrian has been knighted by the Romanian President for his cultural merits, and is one of Eastern Europe’s most iconic musicians. Guitar slinger Toni Dijmarescu resides in the German region of Saarland. He is a busy and well-respected live and studio musician, with numerous productions and collaborations under his belt. Manic Sinners have all the ingredients to quickly become one of the premiere melodic rock bands in the genre like labelmates One Desire, Perfect Plan, Chez Kane, Creye and other relative newcomers who have been quickly embraced by fans of the genre. Stay tuned... Tracklist: 1. Drifters Union 2. King Of The Badlands 3. Anastasia 4. Ball And Chain 5. Under The Gun 6. Out For Blood (Instrumental) 7. Carousel 8. Nobody Moves 9. Play To Lose 10. Crimson Queen (Instrumental) 11. A Million Miles 12. Down In Flames Line-up: Ovidiu Anton - Lead vocals Toni Dijmarescu - Electric & acoustic guitars, bass Adrian “Baciu“ Igrisan - Drums, keyboards, backing vocals, bass (on Play To Lose, Nobody Moves, A Million Miles), and electric guitars (on Nobody Moves, A Million Miles).
    • When a new cancer is found in 5 to 10 years caused by the vaccine that hasn't been tested that long to see what it will do to you years from now, then tell me how you feel. And how is it protecting you? Unvaccinated? You could get covid, be hospitalized, or die. Vaccinated? You could get covid, be hospitalized, or die.
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