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Nightfox - White Cobra


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Press release from Lions Pride Music:

PRESS RELEASE: Nightfox - White Cobra
Lions Pride Music is excited to present you the front cover and info of the upcoming release of Nightfox - White Cobra full length debut album to be released on CD & Digital worldwide on 28 June 2021!
Nightfox is a fictional band-project from Trondheim in Norway. 
The sound is mainly inspired by the great hard rock bands from the 1980's where the focus is kept on roaring riffs and blazing guitar solos.
Originally established as a synthwave-project in 2012, Nightfox decided to take a turn towards hard rock around 2017. 
Earlier during writing of songs that were supposed to be synthwave, it often used to go in the direction of 80's-inspired rock anyway, so going down that path was rather easy. 
After a while there were enough instrumentals to release an EP which was planned for 2018, but had to be postponed due to personal reasons. In the background there was also a thought that the songs would sound a lot better with vocals.

From 2019 to 2020 new songs were made, and "old" ones refreshed as lyrics were being written and recorded by a hired singer. An album started to take shape, and the plan was to release the songs one by one as they were finished. The first single "Ride the Sky Tonight" was released in early March 2020 and Nightfox was shortly after contacted by Lions Pride Music record label offering a deal. That marks the point when the plan of releasing the songs one by one was scrapped, and a definite plan of "White Cobra" truly came to life!

Band: Nightfox
Album: White Cobra
Label: Lions Pride Music
Cat. Number: LPM013
Release Date: 28/06/2021
Track list:

01. Dream Come True

02. Resurrection

03. Ride the Sky Tonight

04. White Cobra

05. Your Broken Heart

06. Phoenix

07. Storm Fighter

08. What Matters In The End

Erik Winther: All Instruments & Programming



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Never realized that I hadn't commented on this..its a pretty decent disc...and another where the dude does everything himself...some bits the quality in production dips but for the main its solid enough...nice.

some tracks

They were a bit of a synthwave/retro band back in 2014? Mr.AOR may like this...


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