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TOXICROSE "Domination"

Dead Planet

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The label that will releasing it's Australian label, that don't promote their roster, here or the world.

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Just got promo copy on this last week. The album is being released on Golden Robot Records on Sep. 24. The company doing promo for it is the same group that does AFM and Massacre Records, so it should get decent exposure.

One listen through and it's not bad stuff; the heavier side of melodic.

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TOXICROSE – In For The Kill (2021)

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021


TOXICROSE - In For The Kill (2021) full

Swedish hard rockers TOXICROSE will be releasing their new studio album ”In For The Kill” via Golden Robot Records / Crusader Records on September 24, 2021. The long awaited sophomore CD from the Stockholm based quartet is here, a band known for their huge and heavy mix of metal & sleaze, and this new effort is no exception.
With 10 fist pumping tracks filled with big choruses, ”In For The Kill” is an album that fires from all cylinders from start to finish. Production is more ‘in-your-face’ now, punchy, dark but melodious at the same time. Kinda a mix of Crazy Lixx, Hardcore Superstar, Crashdiet, Wildstreet, and a pinch of Black Veil Brides.


01 – Blood on Blood
02 – Heroes
03 – In for the Kill
04 – Remedy
05 – Angel Down
06 – Outta Time
07 – Domination
08 – Open up N’ Bleed
09 – New Breed
10 – The Great Escape

Andy Lipstixx – vocals
Tom Wouda – guitar
Johannes Sandberg – bass
Michael Sweet – drum


Pre order:

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