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Judas Priest - Turbo Lover  (Live 2012).

Killer track that was very much more "commercial" than their usual output , but still kicks major arse!

This clip is an example of consummate professionals doing what they do.



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AWESOME!!! album ...  

Absolutely AWESOME!!! album with the twin guitar attack of John Kirk & Curt Mitchell who would go on to Bangalore Choir...  

How about the original? This is a killer album...    

  • My Little Pony

I'm really enjoying the new track from Helloween. 


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On 4/8/2021 at 7:26 AM, Mr.AOR said:

KILLER!!! album...


That’s nice.. thanks for posting. I also thought it could easily be in the Sleaze thread too! 

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Posted (edited)

Tygers of Pan Tang × 2.

A band (name) that has been around for a long time. 

Here's a couple from their great self titled 2016 album.




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1 hour ago, Mr.AOR said:

Perfect Melodic Metal album ...



Agreed. That track is the standout for me also. 

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