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Dare - Blood From Stone

Dead Planet

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Of course, the World famous Physicist, Professor Brian Cox on Keyboards. 

I remember the first time I saw him interviewed on TV and his history as a Rock Star came up.

I couldn't believe it and had to check my CD for confirmation. 


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Yes definitely a no skip disc and sounds so good even after all of these years,this and the debut are classics,loved the debut and I remember before this disc was released that Radio1 in the UK were doing a different style of music every week to introduce people to new bands and on the Rock week they had an interview with Darren Wharton and played the exclusive first tune "We Don't Need A Reason",I was blown away and couldn't believe the difference in sound from this and the debut...waited patiently for this to be released and indeed break big...alas Nirvana & co where just around the corner  :( but I still bought it,rocked it and still rock it now ;)...Mr Big whose debut I already owned were on the same Radio broadcast with "Be With You" and look what it did for them...anyone I know knows them...but just for that song...go figure.

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Truly awesome album and probably my favourite by Dare. Love that they cut loose and rock harder with this one. 
Out Of The Silence and Blood From Stone represent quite a shift in style - but fair play to Dare who made 2 classics albums. 

Saw Dare perform some tracks from Blood From Stone a few years back and although Darren struggled with tracks such as ‘We Don’t Need A Reason’ they still came across well. 

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