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Danny Danzi new song!


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  • AlphaMale changed the title to Danny Danzi new song!
3 hours ago, Doggy said:

Hoping this is a teaser for a new album. He hasn't release a new album since 16 yearsI Wish Good Luck GIF by Apartment Guide

Good news. I asked him on Facebook and his reply:

 thanks so much. Yeah, new album out this year. 15 songs. This one wasn't on it. A year after I finished the album, I got sick of the hate on facebook and decided to write and released this song. The stuff on the album has hooks like this but it's more musical, deeper arrangements, lyrics, longer solos etc. It has something for everyone. A bit of a concept album about life. Definitely this year it will be out. Just finalizing a few things. Thanks!

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18 hours ago, Doggy said:

Hoping this is a teaser for a new album. He hasn't release a new album since 16 yearsI Wish Good Luck GIF by Apartment Guide

I read this comment and I thought... BS, Danziland just came out about 7 or 8 years ago.  Umm, no, that was 2003.  I cannot believe that's nearing 18 years ago.  I remember the hype over that one like it was just a couple years back.

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From Escape Music:

Danny Danzi is an American musician, who is also well known as a producer, recording and mastering engineer.

Danny gained a good following in the late 1990’s when he released “Somewhere lost in time” and appearances at shows like “The Gods” in the UK help cement that following where Danny excelled at engaging the audience. He followed up with a second release in 2003 entitled “Danziland” (appropriately named after his company). This was a much-loved release and it brought to light the immense talent this man has.

Some 18 years later and Danny is back with a new recording “Tribulations” which is his best work to date. This particular recording has been 10 years in the making and is a concept album based on the life and challenges of Danny, drummer Guy DeFalco and bassist Joe DeFalco. The new material blends the music of today with groove orientated riffs, catchy melodies and intense guitar work.

These new recordings showcase a wider variety of style and raise the bar in relation to the performance, composition and overall musicianship. The songs are written and arranged by Danny, Joe and Guy. Vocals and instruments are by Danny as well as the recording, mixing, producing and mastering.

This is one album to look forward to in 2021


Release date: 24th September 2021
Catalogue No: ESM357


Track list: 

1. Accountable (4:51)

2. Don’t (4:57)

3. Frozen in Time (6:46)

4. Carry me Back (4:36)

5. It is what it is (3:32)

6. American Dream

7. Cold, Hard & Dangerous (4:40)

8. Broken (5:18)

9. Hangin’ On (5:41)

10. Restitution (5:18)

11. Where do we go (4:18)

12. Shameless (4:36)

13. Help me out (4:18)

14. Arms wide open (7:01)

15. Forever (5:53)

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