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    • Sorry to hear about the flare up in NI....I read an article about the reasons for this and the writer claimed that the main issues were not religious but poverty, lack of opportunity ,general frustration and a feeling of nothing to lose so the kids are lashing out.....of course everyone seems to have a biased point of view so the writer could be full of shit....
    • Preordered. I believe there are two links to order. North America and the rest of the world.
    • I'm in Northern Ireland..so there is always something for one side or another to protest about and always religious...it's been a while since it was violent though,in my area the kids that are rioting don't even know why because they don't even know what the NI Protocol is or indeed the Irish Sea Border..its just an excuse for them to wreck,the Good Friday Agreement was 23 years ago and most of the people out rioting are in their early teens,they don't remember anything from those awful years before,its sad that my oldest son wants to leave this country as soon as he old enough because he hates it because of these situations...and I don't blame him,I feel guilty for bringing a family into it..but as I've said we've had 23 years of relative peace. This should be left to the politicians to sort...as you say everyone is remembering and talking about the violence but finding it difficult to determine why?  Anyway thats as political as I want to get and hope it stops and we can return to our normal everyday lives asap. Peace
    • Yip all 3...with Saints & Sinners probably being my fav  
    • Lady Don't Mind-Talking Heads
    • I can get the one I'm seeking, Bullets & Bones, their only label release, I'm kind of sketchy though, that's why im desperatly trying to find anything that I can hear, I want to know how it sounds, I would never pay alot of money for the sound the above song has, but supposedly B&Bs is well produced, and sounds good and loud, but i'm not blind ordering it, and it's the only one I have seen anywhere, I had a guy who was gonna sell me the debut back like in 2006 but I was high on heroine and coke, so I blew him off, Unchained I know sounds like shit, plus he wanted fucking a full bill for it, so that probably played into me blowing him off, but If you want me to get you B&B I will, I would wait to see if I can dig an Mp3 up first, let me know.
    • Now this is intresting, Brinker  were a short-lived hard rock band from Denton, Texas formed in 1985 at the University of Miami featuring guitarist Andy Timmons who later join Danger Danger. Their one and only album released independently in 1986 only on tape, produced by the band and David Rosenthal and is extremely rare to be found that most collectors are not even aware it exists, would love to get my hands on this...  
    • A must have album for all AOR fans...  
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