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C.I.T.A. / Guild of Ages.


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I love these guys. I haven't included anything from "Rise" because I'm not as familiar with it as their previous work. This is a selection of my favourite tracks from their earlier albums.

A bit of a "Gnostic" theme to their lyrics and artwork, which I always love. 

Three of these tracks are covers BTW.

It's a bloody hard choice, but I think "Through the Years" is my favourite. 























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I only have Relapse of Reason, and haven't listened to it enough to form a solid opinion. 

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Have a few,love the track Relapse Of Reason but not overly keen on the full releases in general but prefer the CITA material to that theye recorded as Guild Of Ages...might have a revisit.

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7 hours ago, KarpetRydOFunk said:

I only have Relapse of Reason, and haven't listened to it enough to form a solid opinion. 

I think "One" is possibly their most consistent album.

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I loved CITA so much, but never thought they captured that same magic as GOA. Don't get me wrong - I like all the GOA albums and they're all good. But a bit more "sluggish" to me, for lack of a better word. They never displayed the fire they had in tracks like 'Through the years' and 'Everytime (I close my eyes),' which arguably remained their first and best songs of all. 

That said, that debut was a little patchy and for me and, by a long way, their finest hour is the second CITA album. For me, that's one of those no-skip filler free albums you speak of. So many killer tunes. Favourite is probably the super catchy 'Can't We Make It.' 

In terms of GOA, their debut was my favourite and they have some good songs on those albums, but it's CITA all the way for me.

Regarding Relapsed - good songs, terrible production. :(


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    • I would think it's a single according to this blurb:  the 5th Santa Cruz record ”THE RETURN OF THE KINGS” due next Fall
    • Have heard the album and like it.  Basically for me there's 5 excellent tunes classic, melodic, Leppard sounding tunes (Take What You Want, Kick, Fire It Up, SOS Emergency, Gimme A Kiss), then maybe 5-6 others that are pretty good depending on your tastes.  Then there's probably 4 tunes that are going to be skips for me (This Guitar, Gone for Good, Lifeless, From Here to Eternity). .  I'd say This Guitar might be one of my least favorite songs they've ever done lol. Still though, at least for me there's a decent "normal" album of material in this album (10 tracks or so) if you didn't mind the Slang through X era of the band.  I say that only because a lot of these tunes just seem to remind me of different songs from those albums. I definitely like it more than the past couple albums they've done but if somebody hasn't cared for what they've done the past 20 years or so then they should just skip this and move on as they won't like this either. 
    • 1. Agree...didn't think anyone else here agreed with my view of Journey. 2. Nope. 3. Agreed.
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