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The Dead Daisies - "Holy Ground" (2021) with new singer Glenn Hughes


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various internet sources: https://www.therockpit.net/2020/album-review-the-dead-daisies-holy-ground/

THE DEAD DAISIES – Holy Ground (2021)

Published January 21, 2021


THE DEAD DAISIES - Holy Ground (2021) full

With their upcoming new album “Holy Ground“, THE DEAD DAISIES have started the next chapter welcoming new band member: “The Voice Of Rock” Glenn Hughes on lead vocals and bass guitar, joining guitarists Doug Aldrich, David Lowy and drummer Deen Castronovo.

The Dead Daisies 2021 is probably an even more muscular and heavy beast than we’re heard previously and some of the riffs etched in these grooves are crushing! This is an album made to be played loud (and heard live of course) and it’s also one that is beautifully balanced with the mentioned heaviness tempered by a little funky vibe as well as some wonderful lighter moments.

We all of course know about Glenn’s voice, and so when you first hear the opening and as it happens, title track ‘Holy Ground (Shake the Memory)’ you can’t possibly not be moved. It’s a crunching introduction and huge sounding opener that ominously suggests that this might be one of the best yet in an already rather special catalogue. It’s also a song were you can really hear and feel all of the contributions of the band.

The thought that rushes through your mind is as you dig in deeper is not “can they better that” but rather “if they get anywhere close this will be a helluva record!”

So when the next track ‘Like No Other (Bassline)’ hits, it comes as an immediate answer. It’s a song built on a huge groove that crashes in nicely on the back of bass then drums. It’s also a song that gives Glenn a lot of space too, which is a great counterpoint the wonderful drive that Doug’s guitar gives the track. I love the breakdown in this one with a searing Doug guitar followed by a funky bass from Glenn. It’s certainly a magical one-two punch to start.

‘Come Alive’ has a mid-period Aerosmith ferocity and again is bursting with energy as it’s driven by a bass line and Glenn’s demi-rapped verses add to the intrigue.

That’s followed by ‘Bustle and Flow’, again it has that Aerosmith swing and huge fat sound that reminds you of Extreme in their pomp. And just when you’re expecting a little relief from the full on rockers ‘My Fate’ hits you with a huge dark opening before dropping back and adding the first lighter moment on the record. That light though is balanced perfectly by the crushing riff. It’s a song that grows in stature with each listen and one I’d particularly love to hear played live.

The mid point comes in the form of one of my favourites: ‘Chosen and Justified’ which has a kind of Bad Co. feel to it and the sort of cocky swagger that few can pull off, but The Daisies is a band that know they’ve created something special here and whilst it might be a more ‘traditional rocker’ than say those opening four tracks Doug’s tone as he sets up the chorus is glorious.

The remarkable thing about the second half of the record is that it’s just as strong.

‘Saving Grace’ initially sounds like reset as we build that huge groove again and Hughes threatens to split the sky with his voice. It’s impossible not to be moved.

That leads into the killer trifecta that follows – first we get ‘Unspoken’ the first single released in 2020 and which most of you will heard. It’s a great track and like most on the album another guitar driven rocker but this one with less of a ‘foot to the floor’ thrust or huge rolling groove and more of a laid back ‘blue sky’ sound made for Rock radio and hot summer nights with the top down.

Next up comes ’30 Days in the Hole’ the statutory Daisies cover song, and this time around it’s of one of my heroes bands – Steve Marriott’s Humble Pie. Of course I’m apprehensive and as Marriott himself loved a great cover and always brought something new to the songs he chose so do The Daisies. It’s a great cover, a little smoother than the original and a little less full on but it has those wonderful little touches that make it much more than just an exercise in transposing an already classic song.

The other half of the sandwich is ‘Righteous Days’, the first song to feature Glenn Hughes at the first sessions at Sunset Sound Studios in L.A. takes you back to where this version of the band began. As you’ll already know it’s a killer song and when you reach it so late in the track-listing you realise that it’s one of many killer songs collected here.

Then there’s the epic 7 minute plus ‘Far Away’ a gentle soulful ballad that builds into a sweet chorus and is beautifully orchestrated. Half way through the guitar and bass and drums kick things up a beat and the violins get more frenetic before Doug solos and we fall back to the Glenn’s softly enfolding verses and refrain before we push the ‘set your controls for the heart of the sun button’.

It’s a rather satisfying conclusion to what has been a great album that quite frankly will take your breath away. Part of that comes from the no nonsense rockers that keep that foot to the floor before easing off for the two beautifully placed and rather impressive lighter moments.

As track listings go it’s pretty much perfect.

”Holy Ground” rocks like few. The Dead Daisies rocks like few.

And now they have a legendary vocalist, in top form. Glenn Hughes is a man whose voice inexplicably seems to grow richer as the decades pass.

What else do you need?

What a way to start the year. I honestly can’t wait for you to hear this one.



01 Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)
02 Like No Other (Bassline)
03 Come Alive
04 Bustle And Flow
05 My Fate
06 Chosen And Justified
07 Saving Grace
08 Unspoken
09 30 Days In The Hole
10 Righteous Days
11 Far Away

Glenn Hughes – vocals, bass
Doug Aldrich – guitar
David Lowy – guitar
Deen Castronovo – drums, vocals


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  • My Little Pony

Deen just left the band. Said he aims to focus on his family, as well as have some back surgery so he can continue to tour in the future. 

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Picked this one up also,have liked quite a bit of these guys material,not fond of the revolving door aspect of them,each album is different because of it,wonder if they'll ever settle on a lineup...I mean Doug doesnt exactly hang around long with any project does he  :)

Still im really enjoying this probably my fav by them after Revolucion.

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Good solid album but it's just one of those that falls painfully short of being a keeper for me. Nothing wrong with it, but missing those killer cuts I crave from a great album. 

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