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Looking for space metal/rock songs


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I'm not entirely sure what you're after, but this is what I turn to when I want Space Rock. This dude has a few playlists on the YouTubes, and he even recreated them on the Spotifies with whatever tracks were available. So if you use the Spotifies check it out there, too. 


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On 5/27/2016 at 7:21 PM, Darkstone said:

Although the text says Ayreon, it's actually Arjen Lucassen's "Star One".

Love both Star One Albums. Each song is based on a work of science fiction, such as "Dune", "Bladerunner", and "Alien".

This one is "The Empire Strikes Back" featuring-

Luke - Dan Swano

Yoda - Damian Wilson

Darth Vader - Russell Allen!!

It was hard to choose one song, but this is probably my favourite from the two albums. At the moment.




I love the "Star One" albums.

The vocal talent alone gives them "Super Group" status.

Apart from the artists mentioned above, there's also Floor Jansen and Tony Martin.








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Sounds like you are more into modern music, but the ultimate Space Rock band is Hawkwind. Their most famous song is Silver Machine. So check them out.

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I agree whole heartedly with the Hawkwind mention.

I always associate Space Rock with psychedelic or proggy stuff so bands like 

Quarkspace, Hidria Space Folk. Fit right into the former 



while bands like  FM (Canada) - their albums Black Noise and Surveillance, Eloy, Starcastle are a bit more proggy than "out there".


There's the weird nuts bands like Zolar X and Fancy Space People who live it (haha!)


Then there's the space themed stuff like:

Billy Thorpe - Children of the Sun, Robert Connolly - Plateau 


I'm sure there's plenty on the heavier side like the aforementioned Star One and Ayreon  - in fact I'm certain there are as I have heard loads of albums with a sci-fi/space  themes but at the moment my mind is blank.



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