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Worst Singers Live


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By far the worst I've seen in Vince Neil.

I remember Meat Loaf pissed me off because he changed all his songs as he sung them, not the words, but just the way they were sung.
And you like to sing along to his stuff and he made it impossible.
Then he became the laughing stock of our whole country a few years later when he performed at the AFL Grand Final and sucked so much he's become quite the meme.

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Sadly at a certain age people lose their voice if they didn't use it correctly.

Jon Bon Jovi

Bobby Kimball

Paul Stanley 

But there are singers who just can't sing as well.

Diddi Kastenholt (Bai Bang) (can't hit the notes)

Pekka Heino (Brother Firetribe) (watching him sing makes my throat hurt because of his technique- I give him 2 or 3 more years until his voice is completely gone)

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I saw Warrant/Firehouse/Trixter concert from Lafayette in 1991 (it's on YouTube)
Pete Loran was pretty fucvking bad for me.
And they were in their heyday, at least Vince was shit at the end of his career.
I mean Trixter were 8 years old here, he should have been far better than he was.
Smacked of someone who sung out of his natural  range and screwed himself when trying to replicate it live, like Sammy did with Dreams...

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