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Covid-19 Christmas 2020


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2 minutes ago, Mr.AOR said:

One of my favourite and best new Christmas Songs


Fuckin' monumental!! It saddens me greatly that this band doesn't appear to be making music anymore, and that this is their greatest track. Not to slight their other tunes, but I can only bring myself to listen to Christmas music a short period each year. But this song is pretty much everything I want in a Christmas tune. It's absolutely perfect!

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34 minutes ago, Mr.AOR said:

Those JBJ covers are absolutely abysmal.

I have to say that I've always been tolerant and respectful of JBJ's musical direction later in life, but when he releases such an obvious cash grab like this, he's really stretching the friendship. 

I wish he would make an 80s Hard Rock throwback album, if anything, to pay respect to his original fanbase that propelled him to the position he's in today.

C'mon Jon!

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