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Rock Boulevard S/T CD re-issue and first release "Stand and Fight" issued on CD for first time ever!


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Straight from the Rock Boulevard FB page:

Just a shout out to all the Rock Boulevard fans. The reissue of our self-titled album is the ONLY reissue. The retrospect CD-R was not sanctioned by the band and is a complete and blatant bootleg. We are so excited to announce this reissue coming out on Metallic Blue Records. We know that our CD has been selling for over $1,000 on several occasions. Though it is kind of cool to see people wanting your music that bad, we are pleased that everyone who wants our CD can now get the remastered reissue with 2 bonus tracks. But not only that, we are issuing for the first time ever, our first album titled “Stand And Fight” that we did with the first lineup. Both CDs are 100% factory silver pressed with 12 panel front inserts packed with the band’s story and many rare photos. You can order your CDs at metallicbluerecords.com



Stand and Fight 

1. How Many Times

2. Party

3. Rock With Me

4. Stand And Fight

5. Mystery Woman

6. Y R U Lyin'

7. One Time Lover

8. Self-Sacrifice

9. You Left Me Cryin'

10. How Many Times (Alternate Version)


I Got What You Want 

1. Girl You Know (It's Your Love)

2. Let's Go Wolfin'

3. Mama

4. Invisible Chains

5. Statutory

6. I Got What You Want

7. I Live For Rock-N-Roll 

8. Mama (Radio Edit)

9. Let's Go Wolfin' (Extended Mix)





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On 11/15/2020 at 12:08 AM, lettard said:

Yeah but $25 to ship to the UK? sorry wanted to purchase but no thanks...at this point in time  :(

Hate to see what going be postage to Australia.

Might have leave hints around the house, so one of family will buy them for Christmas for me.

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On 11/14/2020 at 3:08 PM, lettard said:

Yeah but $25 to ship to the UK? sorry wanted to purchase but no thanks...at this point in time  :(

Yep. The shipping costs to Europe is insane. I'd be interested in the cds as well but the shipping costs...No thanks.

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